Ruth Davidson

I am at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Department of Mathematics as an NSF postdoctoral fellow (DMS 1401591) working with Tandy Warnow and part-time J.L. Doob Research Assistant Professor. My professional mentor in the Department of Mathematics is Bruce Reznick.

Contact: redavid2@illinois.edu

Office: 165 Altgeld Hall

Office Hours Spring 2016: By Appointment. Appointment requests are always welcome!



My areas of research interest are mathematical phylogenetics, geometric combinatorics, and algebraic statistics.

Papers istribution of Distance Data File

With Augustine O'Keefe and Daniel Parry. A new shellability proof of an old identity of Dixon. Submitted. arXiv:1512.00080

With MaLyn Lawhorn, Noah Webern, and Joseph Rusinko: Efficient Quartet Representations of Trees and Applications to Supertree and Summary Methods. Submitted. arXiv: 1512.05302

With Joseph Rusinko, Zoe Vernon, and Jing Xi: Modeling the distribution of distance data in Euclidean space. Submitted.

With Pranjal Vachaspati, Siavash Mirarab, and Tandy Warnow: Phylogenomic species tree estimation in the presence of incomplete lineage sorting and horizontal gene transfer. RECOMB-Comparative Genomics 2015, and BMC Genomics, 2015.

With Jed Chou, Ashu Gupta, Shashank Yaduvanshi, Michael Nute, Siavash Mirarab and Tandy Warnow: A comparative study of SVDquartets and other coalescent-based species tree estimation methods. RECOMB-Comparative Genomics 2015, and BMC Genomics, 2015.

With Seth Sullivant: Distance-based phylogenetic methods around a polytomy. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 11 (2014), no. 1: 325-335. Associated Software.

With Patricia Hersh: "A lexicographic shellability characterization of geometric lattices" Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 123 (2014), no. 1: 8-13.

With Seth Sullivant: "Polyhedral Combinatorics of UPGMA Cones" Advances in Applied Math 50 (2013), no. 2, 327-338. Supplementary Materials.



Spring 2016

Here is a flyer advertising the graduate class "Polyhedra in the Wild" that I'll be teaching in Spring 2016. The main course page will be updated regularly

I'll also be supervising a project in the Illinois Geometry Lab titled "Discrete Morse Theory, Vector Fields, and Materials Science". Please see their website I linked for information about applying to this and other projects in the IGL.

Academic Family

In 2014, I received my Ph.D. from the Mathematics department at North Carolina State University under the supervision of Patricia Hersh and Seth Sullivant.

In 2009, I received my B.S. in Mathematics at the University of Washington, Seattle. My undergraduate thesis supervisor was Sara Billey.

In 2006, I received my A.A. from Seattle Central College, formerly known as Seattle Central Community College.


With Elizabeth Drellich I am organizing a Minisymposium at the SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences , July 11-14 2016, Boston, MA

With Alex Yong and Laura Escobar Vega I am co-organizing the University of Illinois Algebra-Geometry-Combinatorics Seminar. In Spring 2016 we will meet Fridays 4-4:50 pm in a room TBA. Titles and Abstracts can be found here.



Confirmed Upcoming Activities and Travel Schedule

Spring Research Conference at IIT in Chicago, May 25-27

SIAM Conference on Discrete Math June 6-10 2016, Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA

Algebraic Statistics MRC June 12-18 in Snowbird, UT

SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences July 11-14 2016 in Boston, MA, (joint with SIAM Annual Meeting 2016 )

Selected Past Activities

Talks and Events : talks, actitivites and events I've organized, and other conferences and workshops I've attended.

(Some of) the Seminars I (try to) attend at UIUC

There are WAY too many good seminars here!

CS 591: Bioinformatics Seminar

Mathematical Biology Seminar

Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Systematics Discussion Group (no website): Spring 2016 Time and Place TBA- contact me if you want to participate in this reading group

PEEC seminar (School of Integrative Biology)

Graph Theory and Combinatorics Seminar

Algebra-Geometry-Combinatorics Seminar (co-organizer, see above)

Distribution of Distance Data Files