p-adic boundary values, by Peter Schneider and Jeremy Teitelbaum

Abstract: We study in detail certain natural continuous representations of G = GL(n,K) in locally convex vector spaces over a locally compact, non-archimedean field K of characteristic zero. We construct boundary value maps, or integral transforms, between subquotients of the dual of a ``holomorphic'' representation coming from a p-adic symmetric space, and ``principal series'' representations constructed from locally analytic functions on G. We characterize the image of each of our integral transforms as a space of functions on $G$ having certain transformation properties and satisfying a system of partial differential equations of hypergeometric type.

This work generalizes earlier work of Morita, who studied this type of representation of the group SL(2,K). It also extends the work of Schneider-Stuhler on the deRham cohomology of p-adic symmetric spaces. We view this work as part of a general program of developing the theory of such representations.

Peter Schneider
Jeremy Teitelbaum

Peter Schneider and Jeremy Teitelbaum <pschnei@math.uni-muenster.de and jeremy@uic.edu>