p-adic automorphic functions for the unitary group in three variables., by King Fai Lai and Harm Voskuil

This paper has now appeared in Algebra Colloquium 7(2000), p. 335-360 and so the preprint has been removed. This is a revision of the preprint number 186 posted in june 1999. There some statements about field extensions in section 2.6 were incorrect. The corrections do not change the results.

For a discrete co-compact subgroup of the unitary group SU(3,L) automorphic functions are constructed. Here L is a quadratic extension of some p-adic local field K. These functions are well-defined on some open analytical subspace of the projective plane.

King Fai Lai and Harm Voskuil <kflai@maths.usyd.edu.au ; voskuil@math.rug.nl>