Galois representations with conjectural connections to arithmetic cohomology, by Avner Ash, Darrin Doud, and David Pollack

In this paper we extend a conjecture of Ash and Sinnott relating niveau one Galois representation to the mod p cohomology of congruence subgroups of SL(n,Z) to include Galois representations of higher niveau. We then present computational evidence for our conjecture in the case n=3 in the form of three-dimensional Galois representations which appear to correspond to cohomology eigenclasses as predicted by the conjecture. Our examples include Galois representations with nontrivial weight and level, as well as irreducible three-dimensional representations which are in no obvious way related to lower dimensional representations. In addition, we prove that certain symmetric square representations are actually attached to cohomology eigenclasses predicted by the conjecture.

Avner Ash, Darrin Doud, and David Pollack <>