Abeliants and their application to an elementary construction of Jacobians, by Greg W. Anderson

The {\em abeliant} is a polynomial rule for producing an $n$ by $n$ matrix with entries in a given ring from an $n$ by $n$ by $n+2$ array of elements of that ring. The theory of abeliants, first introduced in an earlier paper of the author, is redeveloped here in a simpler way. Then this theory is exploited to give an explicit elementary construction of the Jacobian of a nonsingular projective algebraic curve defined over an algebraically closed field. The standard of usefulness and aptness we strive toward is that set by Mumford's elementary construction of the Jacobian of a hyperelliptic curve.

This paper has appeared as Advances in Math 172 (2002) 169-205.

Greg W. Anderson <gwanders@math.umn.edu>