A classical approach on Fermat-Wiles Theorem, by Roland Queme

This paper, submitted to Algebraic-Number-Theory Archives for validation by Number Theorists Community, is an update of the previous preprint 2002 feb 13 n 333 with the same title.

This version contains several important error corrections: more particularly, the proof of FLT first case given in preprint 333 has has been removed. In an other part, it improves significantly results of preprint 333 on class group (chapter 6), unit group (chapter 7) and Hilbert's class field (chapter 9) of the cyclotomic field $\Q(\zeta_p)$.

The proofs rest on classical elementary theory of the cyclotomic number field $\Q(zeta_p)$ and of representations of $Gal(\Q(\zeta_p)/\Q)$.

Roland Queme <roland.queme@free.fr>