Divisible homology classes in the special linear group homology of a number field, by Dominique Arlettaz and Piotr Zelewski

This paper will appear in the Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra. The purpose of the paper is to investigate divisible elements in the homology groups (with integral coefficients) of the infinite special linear group of a number field F. Recall that these homology groups are not finitely generated; however each homology group of SL(F) is the direct sum of a free abelian group of finite rank and a torsion group. In order to understand partially the structure of this torsion subgroup, we prove that it contains in general divisible elements, but only finitely many.

Dominique Arlettaz <dominique.arlettaz@ima.unil.ch>
Piotr Zelewski <piotr@icarus.math.mcmaster.ca>