On an elliptic analogue of Zagier's conjecture. Part I, by Joerg Wildeshaus

This paper is the elliptic analogue of Deligne's and Beilinson's "Interpretation motivique..."-article in the Seattle proceedings. We describe a general machinery giving one-extensions from formal linear combinations of elements of the Mordell-Weil group in any category of smooth mixed sheaves "with elliptic polylogs", a notion which is axiomatized. It is shown that the analogue of Zagier's conjecture is implied by the results of "Polylogarithmic Extensions...Part III" (these archives, #69) and the conjecture that there is a category of mixed motivic sheaves with elliptic polylogs, and with the right Ext-groups.

This paper has been succeeded by 0134.

Joerg Wildeshaus <wildesh@math.uni-muenster.de>