On K_3 of Witt vectors of length two over finite fields, by Thomas Geisser

We prove that for W_2(F_q) the Witt vectors of length two over the finite field F_q, we have

	K_3(W_2(F_{p^f}))=(Z/p^2)^f + Z/(p^{2f}-1) 
in characteristic at least 5 and
	K_3(W_2(\F_{3^f}))=(Z/9)^{f-1} + (Z/3)^2 + Z/(3^{2f}-1) 
for f prime to 3. The result is proved by using the equality
and calculating the right term with a group homology spectral sequence. Some terms in the spectral sequence are determined by using the action of the outer automorphism of SL on the homology groups and recent results on K-groups of local rings and the ring of dual numbers over finite fields. In characteristic 3 we have to calculate an explicit differential in the spectral sequence. This is done with some Mathematica programs, which will be made available if requested via email.

A revised version of this preprint was placed here November 27, 1997.

Thomas Geisser <geisser@math.harvard.edu>