Cyclic polytopes and the K-theory of truncated polynomial algebras, by Lars Hesselholt and Ib Madsen

In this paper, we give a formula, valid for any ring A, which exhibits the relative K-groups of a truncated polynomial algebra,

       K (A[x]/(x ),(x))
in terms of Bokstedt's topological Hochschild homology. In the case of a perfect field k of positive characteristic, this may be used to completely calculate the listed K-groups. Indeed, we show that
   K    (k[x]/(x ),(x)) = W    (k)/V W   (k)
    2m-1		   nm-1     n m-1
the even dimensional groups being zero. Here
	W (k) 
is the ring of big Witt vectors of length i. The result extends previous calculations by Stienstra and Aisbett of
	 K (k[x]/(x ),(x)).

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