Proceedings of 1996 Josai Conference on Surgery and Geometric Topology, by A. A. Ranicki and M. Yamasaki (editors)


  • T.Akita, "Cohomology and Euler characteristics of Coxeter groups"
  • F.X.Connolly and B.Vajiac, "Completions of Stratified Ends"
  • Z.Fiedorowicz and Y.Song, "The braid structure of mapping class groups"
  • B.Hughes, "Controlled topological equivalence of maps in the theory of stratified spaces and approximate fibrations"
  • T.Kato, "The asymptotic method in the Novikov conjecture"
  • T.Kawakami, "A note on exponentially Nash G-manifolds and vector bundles"
  • M.Morimoto, "On fixed point data of smooth actions on spheres"
  • E.Ogasa, "Some results on knots and links in all dimensions"
  • E.K.Pedersen, "Controlled algebra and topology"
  • F.Quinn, "Problems in low-dimensional topology"
  • A.A.Ranicki, "45 slides on chain duality"
  • A.A.Ranicki and M.Yamasaki, "Controlled L-theory (preliminary announcement)"
  • J.Roe, "Notes on surgery and C^*-algebras"
  • T.Yagasaki, "Characterizations of infinite-dimensional manifold tuples and their applications to homeomorphism groups"

  • A. A. Ranicki <>
    M. Yamasaki (editors) <>