Non-Commutative Chern Characters of Compact Group C*-Algebras, by Do Ngoc Diep, Aderemi O. Kuku, and Nguyen Quoc Tho

Fot the compact groups the classical Chern characters ch: K^*_G(G) \otimes Q -----> H^*_{DR,G}(G;Q) were already exactly constructed. In this paper we propose the corresponding non-commutative Chern characters, which are also homomorphisms from quantum K-groups into entire current periodic cyclic homology groups of group algebras ch_{C^*} : K_*^G(C^*(G)) ------> HE^G_*(C^*(G)). We obtain also the corresponding algebraic version ch_{alg} : K_*(C^*(G)) ------> HP_*(C^*(G)), which coincides with the Fedosov-Cuntz-Quillen formula for Chern characters.

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