Excision in Cyclic Homology Theories, by Michael Puschnigg

In this paper we present a modified version of the proof of excision in bivariant periodic cyclic cohomology by J. Cuntz and D. Quillen. This modified proof has the advantage of working also in the framework of entire cyclic and asymptotic cyclic cohomology or more general in the framework of cyclic and local cyclic cohomology of algebras with supports. As applications we derive an estimate for the behaviour of the dimension of a cyclic cocycle under the Cuntz-Quillen boundary map, calculate the entire cyclic cohomology of the algebra of smooth functions on a compact manifold and construct a bivariant Chern-Connes character on Kasparov's bivariant K-theory.

Michael Puschnigg <puschni@math.uni-muenster.de>