Computations of K- and L-Theory of Cocompact Planar Groups, by Wolfgang Lueck and Roland Stamm

Using the isomorphism conjectures of Baum & Connes and Farrel & Jones, we compute the algebraic K- and L-theory and the topological K-theory of cocompact planar groups (= cocompact N.E.C-groups) and of groups G appearing in an extension $1 \to \zz^n \to G \to \pi \to 1$ where $\pi$ is a finite group and the conjugation $\pi$-action on $\zz^n$ is free outside $0 \in \zz^n$. These computations apply for instance to two-dimensional crystallographic groups and cocompact Fuchsian groups.

Wolfgang Lueck <>
Roland Stamm <>