Model category structures on chain complexes of sheaves, by Mark Hovey

In this paper, we try to realize the unbounded derived category of an abelian category as the homotopy category of a Quillen model structure on the category of unbounded chain complexes. We construct such a model structure based on injective resolutions for an arbitrary Grothendieck category, as has apparently also been done by Morel. In particular, this works for sheaves on a ringed space, and for quasi-coherent sheaves on a quasi-compact, quasi-separated scheme. However, this injective model structure is not well suited to studying the derived tensor product, so we investigate other model structures. The most successful of these is the flat model structure on complexes of sheaves over a ringed space. This is based on flat resolutions, and is compatible with the tensor product. As a corollary, we get model categories of differential graded algebras of sheaves and differential graded modules over a given differential graded algebra of sheaves.

This is the author's first attempt to understand sheaves, so comments from those more experienced with the subject are welcome.

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