Cycles, Transfers and Motivic Homology Theories., by Vladimir Voevodsky, Eric. M. Friedlander, and Andrei Suslin

This is a collection of papers which we prepared and submitted for publication about four years ago. It consists of an introduction (file s1.dvi) and five papers:

s2.dvi - "Relative cycles and Chow sheaves" by A. Suslin and V. Voevodsky

s3.dvi - "Cohomological theory of presheaves with transfers" by V. Voevodsky

s4.tex - "Bivariant cycle cohomology" by E. M. Friedlander and V. Voevodsky

s5.dvi - "Triangulated categories of motives over a field" by V. Voevodsky

s6.dvi - "Higher Chow groups and etale cohomology" by A. Suslin

All of these papers but the second one were previously posted to this archive. The second paper ("Cohomological theory...") is a revised version of "Homology of schemes II". Because of unexpected delays in publication we decided to post all these papers together in exactly the same form as they will, hopefully, appear in print....

[The book has appeared in print as Annals of Math Studies, No. 143 (2000), Princeton University Press.]

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