Quelques classes caractéristiques en théorie des nombres, by Max Karoubi and Thierry Lambre

Let A be an arbitrary ring. We introduce a Dennis trace map mod n, from K_1(A;Z/n) to the Hochschild homology group with coefficients HH_1(A;Z/n). If A is the ring of integers in a number field, explicit elements of K_1(A,Z/n) are constructed and the values of their Dennis trace mod n are computed. If F is a quadratic field, we obtain this way non trivial elements of the ideal class group of A. If F is a cyclotomic field, this trace is closely related to Kummer logarithmic derivatives; this trace leads to an unexpected relationship between the first case of Fermat last theorem, K-theory and the number of roots of Mirimanoff polynomials.

Max Karoubi <karoubi@math.jussieu.fr>
Thierry Lambre <thierry.lambre@math.u-psud.fr>