Noncommutative localization and chain complexes. I. Algebraic K- and L-theory, by Amnon Neeman and Andrew Ranicki

The noncommutative (Cohn) localization S^{-1}R of a ring R is defined for any collection S of morphisms of f.g. projective left R-modules. We exhibit S^{-1}R as the endomorphism ring of R in an appropriate triangulated category. We use this expression to prove that if S^{-1}R is "stably flat over R" (meaning that Tor^R_i(S^{-1}R,S^{-1}R)=0 for i \geq 1) then every bounded f.g. projective S^{-1}R-module chain complex D with [D] \in im(K_0(R)-->K_0(S^{-1}R)) is chain equivalent to S^{-1}C for a bounded f.g. projective R-module chain complex C, and that there is a localization exact sequence in higher algebraic K-theory ... --> K_n(R) --> K_n(S^{-1}R) --> K_n(R,S) --> K_{n-1}(R) --> ..., extending to the left the sequence obtained for n\leq 1 by Schofield. For a noncommutative localization S^{-1}R of a ring with involution R there are analogous results for algebraic L-theory, extending the results of Vogel from quadratic to symmetric L-theory.

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