Algebraic Geometry over model categories (a general approach to derived algebraic geometry), by Bertrand Toen and Gabriele Vezzosi

For a (semi-)model category M, we define a notion of a ''homotopy'' Grothendieck topology on M, as well as its associated model category of stacks. We use this to define a notion of geometric stack over a symmetric monoidal base model category; geometric stacks are the fundamental objects to "do algebraic geometry over model categories". We give two examples of applications of this formalism. The first one is the interpretation of DG-schemes as geometric stacks over the model category of complexes and the second one is a definition of etale K-theory of E_{\infty}-ring spectra.

This first version is very preliminary and might be considered as a detailed research announcement. Some proofs, more details and more examples will be added in a forthcoming version.

Bertrand Toen <>
Gabriele Vezzosi <>