Program of the Conference on Tamagawa numbers, by Guido Kings and Joerg Wildeshaus


Conference, May 20-31 2002, Institut Galilee, Univ. Paris 13

The aim of the conference is to explain the formulation of the Tamagawa number conjecture by Bloch and Kato, and the proof of this conjecture for Dirichlet motives. The background necessary for the formulation of the conjecture is explained by the main speakers. There will also be talks by the participants (model: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Oberwolfach -- thus, the subjects of these talks have been fixed in advance; see the program). These talks will provide certain details of the general theory entering the proof for Dirichlet motives. Preferably, the speakers will not be experts in the field. Graduate students and post-docs are particularly encouraged to participate, and to apply for one of the talks. Note that there is a conference home page:

where more information of technical nature (concerning accommodation in particular) can be found as well.

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