Picard-Fuchs equations, Integrable Systems and higher algebraic K-theory, by Pedro L. del Angel and Stefan Mueller-Stach

[This preprint, originally submitted July 31, 2002, has been slightly revised, Feb 10, 2003.]

This paper continues our previous work done in preprint 440 and is an attempt to establish a conceptual framework which generalizes the work of Manin on the relation between non-linear second order ODEs of type Painleve VI and integrable systems. The principle behind everything is a strong interaction between K-theory and Picard-Fuchs type differential equations via Abel-Jacobi maps. Our main result is an extension of a theorem of Donagi and Markman to our setup.

Pedro L. del Angel <luis@cimat.mx>
Stefan Mueller-Stach <mueller-stach@uni-essen.de>