K_1 of products of Drinfeld modular curves and special values of L-functions, by Ramesh Sreekantan and Caterina Consani

Let X_0(I) be the Drinfeld's modular curve with level I structure, where I is a monic square-free ideal in F_q[T]. In this paper we show the existence of an element in the motivic cohomology group H^3_M(X_0(I) \times X_0(I),Q(2)) whose regulator is related to a special value of a Rankin-Selberg convolution L-function. This result is the function field analogue of a theorem of Beilinson for the self product of a modular curve.

Ramesh Sreekantan <ramesh@math.toronto.edu>
Caterina Consani <kc@math.toronto.edu>