Symbole galoisien l-adique et conjecture de Bloch-Kato, by Philippe Gille

Erratum, July 18, 2003:

There is a gap in this paper pointed out by M. Rost. Precisely, page 35 at "second terme", the proof of the equality

	(\phi^*\eta^\sharp - \eta^\sharp)_{/X'}=0 
is incorrect since \phi does not act on X'.

Original abstract, July 15, 2003:

Rost and Voevodsky showed recently the Bloch-Kato's conjecture in Galois cohomology using motivic theories and higher splitting varieties. This paper provides another proof of Bloch-Kato's conjecture using Galois and étale l-adic cohomology and certain Severi-Brauer schemes.

Philippe Gille <>