On Voevodsky's algebraic K-theory spectrum BGL, by Ivan Panin, Konstantin Pimenov, and Oliver Roendigs

Under a certain normalization assumption we prove that the Voevodsky's spectrum BGL which represents algebraic K-theory is unique over the integers. Following an idea of Voevodsky, we equip the spectrum BGL with the structure of a commutative ring spectrum in the motivic stable homotopy category. Furthermore, we prove that under a certain normalization assumption this ring structure is unique over the integers. We pull this structure back to get a distinguished monoidal structure on BGL for an arbitrary Noetherian base scheme.

Ivan Panin <paniniv@gmail.com>
Konstantin Pimenov <kip302002@yahoo.com>
Oliver Roendigs <oroendig@math.uni-osnabrueck.de>