Motivic Landweber Exactness, by Niko Naumann, Paul Arne Østvær, and Markus Spitzweck

We prove a motivic version of Landweber's exact functor theorem from topology. The main result is that the assignment given by a Landweber-type formula using the MGL-homology of a motivic spectrum defines a homology theory on the stable motivic homotopy category and is representable by a Tate-like (or cellular) spectrum. Using the universal coefficient spectral sequence of Dugger-Isaksen we deduce formulas for operations of motivic Landweber spectra of a certain type including homotopy algebraic K-theory. Finally we construct a Chern character as a map between motivic spectra.

Niko Naumann <>
Paul Arne Østvær <>
Markus Spitzweck <>