The Tate-Thomason conjecture, by Masana Harada

[The original paper, submitted Dec 3, 2008, has been revised Jan 30, 2009, with this comment:] This is an update to #919. There was an error in the proof of 6.1.

This is an application of "Higher K-theory of algebraic curves", #915 of the archive.

In this paper we will prove that the co-invariant subspace of topological Adams operations on E(1)-homology of algebraic K-theory spectra E(1)K(X) associaterd to algebraic varieties X over finite fields does not contain any divisible subgroup. (E(1) is the Adams factor of topological periodic complex K-theory.)

It implies a conjecture of R. W. Thomason that there does not exist any divisible subgroup on the (-1)-th E(1)-localized K-theory of projective smooth varieties over finite fields.

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