Noncommutative numerical motives, Tannakian structures, and motivic Galois groups, by Matilde Marcolli and Goncalo Tabuada

In this article we further the study of noncommutative numerical motives. By exploring the change-of-coefficients mechanism, we start by improving some of our main previous results. Then, making use of the notion of Schur-finiteness, we prove that the category NNum(k)_F of noncommutative numerical motives is (neutral) super-Tannakian. As in the commutative world, NNum(k)_F is not Tannakian. In order to solve this problem we promote periodic cyclic homology to a well-defined symmetric monoidal functor HP on the category of noncommutative Chow motives. This allows us to introduce the correct noncommutative analogues C_NC and D_NC of Grothendieck's standard conjectures C and D. Assuming C_NC, we prove that NNum(k)_F can be made into a Tannakian category NNum'(k)_F by modifying its symmetry isomorphism constraints. By further assuming D_NC, we neutralize the Tannakian category NNum'(k)_F using HP. Via the (super-)Tannakian formalism, we then obtain well-defined noncommutative motivic (super-)Galois groups. Finally, making use of Deligne-Milne's theory of Tate triples, we construct explicit homomorphisms relating these new noncommutative motivic (super-)Galois groups with the classical ones.

Matilde Marcolli <>
Goncalo Tabuada <>