Quillen Memorial Conference at MIT

    Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2012 10:45:09 -0400
    Subject: Registration open for Quillen Memorial Conference
    From: Mark Behrens <mjbehr...@gmail.com>
    To: MIT Topology <mit-topology@googlegroups.com>

    Online Registration is now open for the conference at MIT
    honoring the legacy of Daniel Quillen on Columbus Day weekend
    (Sat Oct 6 - Mon Oct 8, 2012).

    To register, visit the conference web-page:


    As part of the registration, you can sign up for the
    conference dinner Sunday night, as well as apply for funding
    (preference will be given to graduate students and postdocs).

    The broad themes of the conference are centered around the many
    diverse areas of mathematics
    that Quillen has had a profound influence on, including algebraic
    K-theory and cyclic homology,
    chromatic homotopy theory, abstract homotopy theory, group cohomology
    and modular representation theory.

    The invited speakers are:

    Luchezar Avramov
    Joachim Cuntz
    Eric Friedlander
    Tom Goodwillie
    Lars Hesselholt
    Michael Hopkins
    Jean-Louis Loday
    Graeme Segal*
    Christophe Soul=E9
    Dennis Sullivan
    Douglas Ravenel
    Ulrike Tillmann
    Matthai Varghese

    (*to be confirmed)

    There will be 5 talks on Saturday and Sunday, and 3 on Monday.


    Mark Behrens (on behalf of the organizing committee: Clark Barwick,
    Joachim Cuntz, Eric Friedlander, Michael Hopkins, Jean-Louis Loday,
    Haynes Miller, Andrew Ranicki, Graeme Segal, and Isadore Singer)