Workshop on Polylogarithms

Institut für Experimentelle Mathematik , Essen, Germany

May 1 (Thu) - May 4 (Sun), 1997

The idea of this workshop (on a short notice) is to try and work through parts of the paper "Classical Motivic Polylogarithm according to Beilinson and Deligne" with the authors and main speakers

as a sort of "main theme", to provide a framework for polylog's via a journey through the wonderful motivic world, and then enrich the spectrum by talks on other (more explicit) aspects (e.g. Zagier's conjectures, relations with Higher Chow groups, infinitesimal poly(ana)logs and K-theory). Also, we aim to provide plenty of opportunity for discussions among the participants.

Originally planned as a "local activity", the number of non-local contributors was increasing gradually, so that we now find ourselves in a position to announce it for a wider audience. Further invited speakers include:

Contact   Anyone interested in joining the workshop please contact

This is an activity enjoying financial support by the Forschergruppe ``Arithmetic and Geometry'' .