K-theory and Motives Symposium

Dan Grayson is organizing a special session on K-theory and Motives at the AMS meeting in Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin, October 24-26, 1997. Invited hour addresses will be presented at that meeting by Spencer Bloch and Andrei Suslin. Here is the program, including the two hour talks.
  • Friday, October 24, 1997
  • W-109, 10:00-10:20am, Ruth Kantorovitz, Adams operations and the Dennis trace map -- the Rational case
  • W-109, 10:30-10:50am, Bernhard Koeck, Operations on locally free classgroups
  • E-190, 1:30-2:20pm, Spencer Bloch, Mixed Motives
  • W-109, 2:50-3:35pm, Vladimir Voevodsky, Norm residue homomorphism and generic splitting varieties
  • W-109, 3:45-4:05pm, Eric Friedlander, A double cube diagram relating K-theory to algebraic cycles
  • W-109, 4:30-4:50pm, Chuck Weibel, Products and the Bloch-Lichtenbaum spectral sequence
  • W-109, 5:00-5:20pm, Rick Jardine (with Paul Goerss), f-localization theories for simplicial presheaves
  • Saturday, October 25, 1997
  • W-109, 9:30-9:50pm, Owen Patashnick, Towards a category of mixed elliptic motives
  • W-109, 10:00-10:45pm, Marc Levine (with Thomas Geisser), Mod p K-theory in characteristic p>0
  • E-190, 11:00-11:50pm, Andrei Suslin, GL and functor cohomology
  • W-109, 2:30-2:50pm, Mark Walker, K-theory and the primitive topology
  • W-109, 3:00-3:20pm, Randy McCarthy, A look at K(End(R))_Q.
  • W-109, 3:30-3:50pm, Kevin Knudson, Integral homology of PGL_2 over elliptic curves
  • W-109, 4:00-4:20pm, Prashanth Adhikari, On Torsion in the Homology of GL(Z)
  • The full program.
  • Standard audio-visual equipment in all session rooms is one overhead projector and screen. Blackboards are available only in rooms where they currently exist and cannot be produced upon request.

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