K-Theory and algebraic groups


June 28 - July 3, 1998

A "Summer School on K-Theory and algebraic groups" will be held in Levico Terme, a nice Summer resort 20 km off TRENTO, Italy, in the week June 28 - July 3, 1998.

The scientific Committe is M. Karoubi, C. Pedrini and U. Rehmann. The school will be organized by CIRM (Centro Internazionale per la Ricerca Mtematica) in the framework of the research project TMR FMRX-CT97-0107 "K-Theory and Algebraic groups" which has been financed by ECC and is coordinated by U. Rehmann (Bielefeld).

The School is mainly intended for Ph.D students and young researchers. The organization of the Summer School is based on the experience of three previous Summer Schools, which were organized in the years 1993, 1994, 1995, in the framework of the ECC Science Plan "K-Theorie et ses applications... "

There will be 4 main series of lectures in the morning and research talks in the afternoon. Each lectures series will consist of 5 hours lectures covering the following topics:

  • An introduction to K-Theory and its recent developments (E.Friedlander)
  • K-Theory and Algebraic Groups (A. Merkurjev)
  • K-Theory of algebraic integers (M.Kolstner)
  • K-theory and quadratic forms over fields (B.Kahn)
  • For applications and reservations contact Micheletti, the secretary of CIRM. For financial support contact Pedrini. All those who intend to give a talk in the afternoon sessions please send a title and a short abstract to Pedrini or by post to

            Claudio Pedrini
    	Dipartimento di Matematica
    	Universita' di Genova
    	Ph  39 10 3536904                                                        
    	    39 10 3536965
    	FAX 39 10 3536752