Conference on Algebraic topology and K-theory

in the honour of Max Karoubi

Université Paris 7, 26--27 November 1998, Amphi 24

Second announcement


Thursday 26 November

9h Introduction

9h05--9h25 Simon Bouisset (Paris Sud): Mathématiques et entreprises

9h45--10h45 Christian Kassel (IRMA, Strasbourg): Produits de matrices élémentaires, diagrammes de tresses et variété de drapeaux

10h45--11h15 Coffee break

11h15--12h15 Charles Weibel (Rutgers): Divisibility of K-groups for complex varieties

* * *

14h30--15h30 Mariusz Wodzicki (Berkeley): Changing aspects of Bott Periodicity

15h30--16h Coffee break

16h--17h Alejandro Adem (Wisconsin): Group Cohomology: Computations, Applications and Related Topics

17h30--18h30 Christophe Soulé (IHES): K-théorie de Z

18h31--21h Reception

Friday 27 November

9h00--10h00 Alain Connes (IHES): Renormalisation et algèbres de Hopf

10h00--10h30 Coffee break

10h30--11h30 Paul Baum (Penn. State): K-theory for group C* algebras

11h45--12h45 Joachim Cuntz (Münster): Bivariant K-theories and cyclic homology

* * *

14h30--15h30 Maria-Luiza Lapa (Salvador de Bahia): La U-théorie et les invariants de la géométrie symplectique

16h--17h Jean-Louis Loday (IRMA, Strasbourg): Idempotents Eulériens et cohomologie des espaces de fonctions

17h--17h30 Coffee break

17h30--18h30 Lionel Schwartz (Institut Galilée, Paris Nord): La série de Poincaré des espaces et l'algèbre de Steenrod

Reception, accomodation

This conference is held at the occasion of Max Karoubi's 60th birthday. A reception will take place in the evening of Thursday, Nov. 26, at the top of the central tower on Jussieu campus. All are welcome.

The recommended hotel for the conference is:

Hôtel Saint Christophe
17 rue Lacépède
75005 Paris
Métro: Monge
Tél. +33-1-43 31 81 54
Fax: +33-1-43 31 12 54
Telex: 204 304 F

This is a three star hotel, a 10mn walk away from Jussieu Campus. Special conference rates are: FF400 single, FF450 double, breakfast included. The rates apply even if you want to stay a few days before or after the conference. This is an excellent deal as far as hotel rates go in Paris, especially for a double room.

If you decide to stay at this hotel, you can either book directly (mention the conference) or ask Bruno Kahn ( The hotel only has 31 rooms so you should book early. In case it is full, they will book people in H\^otel des Ar\`enes, similarly located and priced.

How to get to Jussieu?

By métro: Métro Jussieu (lines 7 and 10).

By bus: no 67 and 89 stop right in front of the campus. Bus 63 (convenient from Gare de Lyon) stops Quai Saint Bernard, at the opposite end of the campus, which you can access though a car exit. Other busses run on Quai Saint Bernard as well.

By taxi: Ask for Place Jussieu.

On campus, Amphi 24 is on "Jussieu" level (which means ground level for all practical purposes), diagonally on your left if you enter the campus from the main entrance Place Jussieu.

Maps of the campus and the area are available at