Workshop Stable Homotopy Theory and Algebraic K-theory

Bielefeld/Germany, February 22-24, 1999

The workshop will be held at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Bielefeld . It is hosted and funded by the SFB 343 "Diskrete Strukturen in der Mathematik".

Registration: Formal registration is not required, but the organizers appreciate an email note from those who plan to attend, so that we get an idea of how many participants to expect.

All talks will take place in Lecture Hall 6 (`Hörsaal 6') which is located at the west end of the main hall inside the university building.

Monday, February 22:
09:00 Welcome
09:05-10:05 S. Bauer (Bielefeld): Seiberg-Witten theory and stable homotopy
10:15-11:15 T. Pirashvili (Tbilisi): Higher order Hochschild homology
Coffee break
11:45-12:45 M. Ando (U. of Virginia/Johns Hopkins U.): Calculating E_$\infty$ maps out of Bott periodicity spectra and into complex-orientable spectra
Lunch break
14:30-15:30 W. Lück (Münster): Isomorphism Conjectures in K- and L-theory and computations for certain crystallographic groups
Coffee break
16:00-17:00 B. Dundas (Trondheim): Nerves of n-categories

Tuesday, February 23:
09:00-10:00 S. Betley (Warszawa): Twisted homology of symmetric groups
10:15-11:15 B. Shipley (Purdue U.): New models for rational equivariant stable homotopy
Coffee break
11:45-12:45 T. Goodwillie (Brown U.): On Voevodsky's h-topology
Lunch break
14:30-15:30 J. Rognes (Oslo): Two-primary algebraic K-theory of pointed spaces
Coffee break
16:00-17:00 J. Klein (Wayne State U.): The dualizing spectrum of a topological group

Wednesday, February 24:
09:00-10:00 R. McCarthy (Urbana-Champaign): Universal degree n versus universal n-excisive: a tale of two calculus towers and the analyticity that brought them together
10:15-11:15 M. Lydakis (Bielefeld): Topological Cyclic Homology and $\Gamma$-spaces
Coffee break
11:45-12:45 J. Greenlees (Sheffield): Equivariant connective K-theory and formal groups
Lunch break
14:30-15:30 J. Smith (Purdue U.): Periodic homotopy types
Coffee break
16:00-17:00 M. Mahowald (Northwestern U.): The topological modular forms spectrum associated to the subgroup $\Gamma_0(3)$ of $SL_2(Z)$


Piano concert: On Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 19:00, Bjørn Jahren will play pieces by Haydn, Chopin, Ravel, Ginastera and Johansen (cf. announcement). The concert takes place in the Auditorium Maximum of the university.

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