Third Announcement

Great Lakes K-theory Conference

Fields Institute
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
March 2-3, 1996

The second Great Lakes K-theory Conference will be held at the Fields Institute on March 2-3, 1996. This meeting is funded by the Fields Institute, in connection with its emphasis year on Homotopy Theory in 1995-96.

The following mathematicians have been invited to speak at this meeting: T. Chinburg (U. of Pennsylvania), J.-L. Colliot-Thelene (Paris Sud), E. Friedlander (Northwestern), S. Lichtenbaum (Brown), R. McCarthy (Urbana-Champaign), V. Voevodsky (Harvard), and C. Weibel (Rutgers).

A block of rooms has been reserved for the evenings of March 1 and 2 at

Quality Hotel Midtown
280 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1V8

Phone: 416-968-0010
Fax: 416-968-7765

The hotel is across Bloor Street from the University of Toronto Campus, half a block west of the St. George subway station. There are various options for getting there from the airport, the easiest and most expensive of which is to take a taxi or limousine. Alternatively, one can take a shuttle bus to the end of the Bloor St. subway line, and then take the subway to the St. George Station. It's also possible to take a downtown hotel shuttle bus to the Chelsea Inn, and then the Quality Hotel Midtown is a short taxi ride from there.

The cost of a room per night at the Quality Inn Midtown is $65.00 CDN, single or double occupancy, plus 12% tax. Participants will be making their own reservations. The group name for the block booking is "University of Western Ontario - Mathematics"; you should quote this name in order to get the conference rate.

The cutoff date for the group reservation at the hotel is February 2, 1996. Reservations accepted after this date will be based on availability.

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The Fields Institute has the following coordinates:

The Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences
222 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M5T 3J1

Phone: 416-348-9710
Fax: 416-348-9714

The Institute is on the north side of College Street, just west of St. George Street, and about a kilometer south of the hotel. This is a nice walk through the University of Toronto campus if the weather is decent. One can also get from the hotel to the Fields Institute by taking the University Ave. line of the subway south from the St. George station to the Queen's Park station; then the Institute is a few blocks to the west on College Street.

If you are coming to the meeting, please send e-mail indicating your intent to This will enable the organizers to get some idea of the number of participants, so that various resources can be properly allocated.

There will not be a registration fee for this meeting.

The organizers for this conference are:

Rick Jardine, U. of Western Ontario (
Manfred Kolster, McMaster University (
Vic Snaith, McMaster University (