Third Announcement

GL6: The Sixth Great Lakes K-theory Conference

Fields Institute
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
March 25-26, 2000

The sixth Great Lakes K-theory Conference will be held at the Fields Institute in Toronto.

The following mathematicians have agreed to speak at this meeting:

P. Balmer (Western Ontario)
T. Goodwillie (Brown)
L. Hesselholt (MIT)
A. Merkurjev (UCLA)
M. Rost (IAS)
V. Voevodsky (IAS)
M. Walker (Nebraska)

March 25-26 is a Saturday-Sunday. The conference will begin at 9:00am on the Saturday and finish by 1:00pm on Sunday. Here is a

Schedule of Lectures

A block of rooms for the conference has been booked at the Toronto Colony Hotel for the evenings of March 24-25. Consult this page for more information: Travel and Hotel Information. All conference participants should make their own hotel reservations.

This conference is supported by the Fields Institute and NSERC.

The organizers for this meeting are:

Rick Jardine
Manfred Kolster
Dan Grayson
Eric Friedlander

Please inform either Jardine or Kolster if you intend to come to this meeting, so that we can arrange appropriate resources for the conference.