Eventually we will arrange for automatic installation of Macaulay 2 on openSUSE systems, and the method will be explained here. For now you may install the package files manually (they all have names of the form *.rpm). They come in pairs, one containing the architecture dependent files, and one containing the architecture independent files and having common in the name.

Here are sample commands for manually installing Macaulay2 from downloaded *.rpm files. (Replace "1.4-1" by the current version number.)

     sudo rpm -i -v Macaulay2-1.4-1.common.rpm
     sudo rpm -i -v Macaulay2-1.4-1.x86_64-Linux-openSUSE-11.3.rpm

Refer to PublicKeys for information about checking signatures. The rpm files themselves are signed internally.

Here are sample commands for manually uninstalling Macaulay2.

     sudo rpm -e -v Macaulay2-1.4-1
     sudo rpm -e -v Macaulay2-common-1.4-1