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Directory of People in Mathematics

The mailing address for all members of the Department of Mathematics is:
1409 W. Green Street, Urbana, IL 61801. The telephone area code is 217.

Name Office Phone Office Address E-mail Rank
Ackermann, Colleen 300-5998 110 Altgeld Hall ackrmnn2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Addabbo, Darlayne 333-3270 130 Altgeld Hall addabbo2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Agbanusi, Ike 300-7916 247A Illini Hall agbanusi (at) Doob Postdoc
Ahlgren, Scott 333-1625 274 Altgeld Hall sahlgren (at) Professor and Associate Chair
Ahmed, Iftikhar 300-5998 110 Altgeld Hall iahmed8 (at) Teaching Assistant
Albar, Wafaa
103 Oil Chem Bldg walbar2 (at) Grad Student
Albin, Pierre 333-6183 237A Illini Hall palbin (at) Assistant Professor
Alexander, J. Ralph 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall jralex (at) Emeritus
Alexander, Stephanie 300-0692 13 Illini Hall sba (at)
Alonza, Terry 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall aterry (at) Teaching Assistant
Andersen, Nickolas 333-3270 130 Altgeld Hall nandrsn4 (at) Teaching Assistant
Anderson, Thomas

teanders (at) Adjunct Instructor, NetMath
Ando, Matthew 244-2846 273A Altgeld Hall mando (at) Professor and Chair
Aramyan, Nerses 333-3270 130 Altgeld Hall aramyan2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Arana, Andrew 333-2889 105 GH aarana (at) Associate Professor of Philosophy (0% Associate Professor of Mathematics)
Arana, Rebekah

rarana (at) Lecturer
Ash, Robert

ash5 (at) Emeritus
Athreya, Jayadev 244-0225 371 Altgeld Hall jathreya (at) Assistant Professor
Babakhanian, Ararat

ababakha (at) Emeritus
Bailey, Christopher 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall cbailey7 (at) Teaching Assistant
Balogh, Jozsef 244-1918 233B Illini Hall jobal (at) Professor
Barros de Oliveira, Vanessa

vbarros (at) Visiting Scholar
Baryshnikov, Yuliy 333-5696 302 Altgeld Hall ymb (at) Professor, Math and Computer Science
Bauer, Robert 265-6312 340 Illini Hall rbauer13 (at) Associate Professor
Berg, I. David 333-8937 329 Illini Hall idberg (at) Emeritus
Bergman, Jane 333-3351 273 Altgeld Hall jbergman (at) Staff
Bergvelt, Maarten 333-6326 333 Illini Hall bergv (at) Associate Professor
Berkson, Earl

berkson (at) Emeritus
Berndt, Bruce 333-3970 215 Altgeld Hall berndt (at) Professor
Berning, Stephen 265-6336 155 Altgeld Hall sberning (at) Teaching Assistant
Bernshteyn, Anton 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall bernsht2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Bishop, Richard 333-8937 329 Illini Hall r-bishop (at) Emeritus
Blocher, Marci 333-5749 267 Altgeld Hall mblocher (at) Staff
Boca, Florin 244-9928 362 Altgeld Hall fboca (at) Professor
Bocovich, Nicholas 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall bocovch2 (at) Grad Student
Boston, Nigel

n-boston (at) Adjunct Faculty
Bradlow, Steven 265-0299 322 Illini Hall bradlow (at) Professor
Brannan, Michael 300-2375 376 Altgeld Hall mbrannan (at) J. L. Doob Postdoc
Braunfeld, Peter 333-8937 329 Illini Hall pbraunfe (at) Emeritus
Broadrick, Debbie 333-3410 247B Illini Hall ijm (at) Assistant to the Managing Editor, Illinois Journal of Mathematics
Bronski, Jared 244-8218 244 Illini Hall bronski (at) Professor
Brown, John

jocar89 (at) Emeritus
Bruning, Caitlin 244-7693 273 Altgeld Hall cbreeze (at) Asst Director of Personnel and Administration
Burner, Becky 244-1702 216 Altgeld Hall burner (at) Library Staff
Burner, Justin 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall jburner2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Burnley, Alexandria 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall burnley1 (at) Teaching Assistant
Burson, Hannah 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall hburso2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Butler, Stacey 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall srbutle1 (at) Research Assistant
Butler, Svetlana

svbutler (at) Visiting Scholar
Byers, Ann 333-8406 221 Altgeld Hall annbyers (at) Staff
Camacho, Santiago 265-5568 B13 Coble Hall scamach2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Carmody, Daniel 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall dcarmod2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Carpenter, Bruce 333-2489 109 Altgeld Hall carpent (at) Visiting NetMath Lecturer
Caulfield, Erin 244-1742 224 Illini Hall ecaulfi2 (at) Research Assistant
Cellarosi, Francesco 300-0353 257 Altgeld Hall fcellaro (at) J. L. Doob Postdoc
Champion, Alison 333-9199 317 Altgeld Hall abc (at) Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies
Chappell, Paul 333-0870 332 PSY pchappel (at) Systems Admin.
Chaubey, Sneha 333-3270 130 Altgeld Hall chaubey2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Chen, Cheng-Hung

cchen133 (at) Grad Student
Chen, Hongwen 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall hchen83 (at) Grad Student
Chen, Ruqian 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall rchen40 (at) Teaching Assistant
Chen, Yunian 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall ychen269 (at) illinoise.du Grad Student
Chou, Jed 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall jedchou1 (at) Teaching Assistant
Chung, Jooyeon 300-5998 110 Altgeld Hall jchung50 (at) Teaching Assistant
Cole, Timothy 244-7837 216 Altgeld Hall t-cole3 (at) Library Staff
Collier, Brian 333-1220 178 Altgeld Hall collier3 (at) Teaching Assistant
Compaan, Erin 244-1967 B4A Coble Hall compaan2 (at) Teaching Fellow
Cong, Lin 300-2831 B2 Coble Hall lincong2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Corkery, Tori 333-6006 263 Altgeld Hall corkery (at) Program Coordinator
Craggs, Robert

craggs (at) Emeritus
D'Angelo, John 333-6406 355 Altgeld Hall jpda (at) Professor
Dade, Everett 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall ecdade (at) Emeritus
Daly, Kay 244-9383 313 Altgeld Hall k-daly2 (at) Staff
Darayon, Chayapa
102 Oil Chem Bldg darayon2 (at) Grad Student
Davidson, Ruth 333-3186 232 Illini Hall redavids (at) NSF Postdoc
Delcourt, Michelle 244-5185 169 Altgeld Hall delcour2 (at) Fellow
Demirbas, Seckin 244-1742 224 Illini Hall demirba2 (at) Teaching Assistant
DeVille, Lee 333-5601 344B Illini Hall rdeville (at) Associate Professor
Dey, Partha 244-9278 341A Illini Hall psdey (at) Assistant Professor
Di Francesco, Philippe 300-5736 223 Illini Hall philippe (at) Morris and Gertrude Fine Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Diamond, Harold 333-8937 329 Illini Hall hdiamond (at) Emeritus
Dick, Lori 244-0539 269A Altgeld Hall l-dick (at) Staff
Ding, Ke 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall keding3 (at) Grad Student
DiPasquale, Michael 333-3270 130 Altgeld Hall dipasqu1 (at) Teaching Assistant
Donepudi, Ravi Kiran 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall donepud2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Dong, Dong 244-1967 B4A Coble Hall ddong3 (at) Teaching Assistant
Dornhoff, Larry

ldornhof (at) Emeritus
Dowdall, Spencer 244-9038 257 Altgeld Hall dowdall (at) J. L. Doob Postdoc
Drennan, Mark 244-6177 221 Altgeld Hall drennan (at) Staff
Du, Xiumin 300-2831 B2 Coble Hall xdu7 (at) Teaching Assistant
Duarte, Eliana 244-5185 169 Altgeld Hall emduart2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Dunfield, Nathan 244-3892 378 Altgeld Hall nmd (at) Associate Professor
Dutta, Sankar 333-3168 367 Altgeld Hall s-dutta (at) Professor
Duursma, Iwan 265-0677 303 Altgeld Hall duursma (at) Professor
Ekvittayaniphon, Sakulbuth
103 Oil Chem Bldg ekvitta1 (at) Grad Student
Ellis, Matthew 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall ellis23 (at) Teaching Assistant
Erdogan, M. Burak 265-6761 369 Altgeld Hall berdogan (at) Professor
Etedadi Aliabadi, Mahmood 333-3270 130 Altgeld Hall etedadi2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Evans, E. Graham

graham (at) Emeritus
Feng, Runhuan 300-5630 230 Illini Hall rfeng (at) Assistant Professor
Ferguson, Timothy
102 Oil Chem Bldg tcfergu2 (at) Research Assistant
Fernandes, Rui Loja 300-2431 346 Illini Hall ruiloja (at) Lois M. Lackner Professor in Mathematics
Field, Elizabeth 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall ecfield2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Fieldsteel, Nathan 333-1220 178 Altgeld Hall fieldst2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Folwaczny, Lena 244-8292 24 Illini Hall lfolwa2 (at) Visiting Instructor
Ford, Ian 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall ianford2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Ford, Kevin 265-6255 304 Altgeld Hall ford126 (at) Professor
Fossum, Robert

robertfossum (at) Emeritus
Francis, George 418-2035 101 Altgeld Hall gfrancis (at) Professor
Fuchs, Elena 244-0469 359 Altgeld Hall lenfuchs (at) Assistant Professor
Fulan, Benjamin 333-3547 150 Altgeld Hall fulan2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Furedi, Zoltan 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall z-furedi (at) Emeritus
Galiardi, Meghan 244-5185 169 Altgeld Hall galiard2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Gao, Li 265-5568 B13 Coble Hall ligao3 (at) Teaching Assistant
Gao, Xinghua
101 Oil Chem Bldg xgao29 (at) Teaching Assistant
Gartland, Christopher 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall cgartla2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Garzoni, Lorena 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall garzoni2 (at) Grad Student
Gauchman, Hillel

gauchman (at) Adjunct Faculty
Gehret, Allen 300-9452 B1A Coble Hall agehret2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Gilbert, Rebekah 300-0427 328 Illini Hall rgilber1 (at) Instructor
Glazebrook, James

glazebro (at) Adjunct Faculty
Golze, Hiram 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall golze2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Gondolo, Allessandro 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall gondolo2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Gordon, Evgeny

gordon3 (at) Adjunct Faculty
Gorvett, Rick 244-1739 374 Altgeld Hall gorvett (at) Associate Professor; Director, Actuarial Science Program; and State Farm Companies Foundation Scholar in Actuarial Science
Gramcko-Tursi, Mary 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall gramcko2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Granda, Steve 244-6827 108 Altgeld Hall sgrand2 (at) NetMath Visiting Assistant eLearning Specialist
Gray, John 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall j-gray5 (at) Emeritus
Grayson, Daniel

drg (at) Emeritus
Griffith, Phillip 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall pgriffit (at) Emeritus
Gruendl, Angela 300-6960 216 Altgeld Hall agruendl (at) Library Staff
Gultepe, Funda 244-6390 24 Illini Hall fgultepe (at) Visiting Faculty
Gupta, Neha 300-2415 155 Altgeld Hall ngupta10 (at) Teaching Assistant
Haboush, William 333-6498 305 Altgeld Hall whaboush (at)
Haken, Wolfgang

w-haken (at) Emeritus
Hakobyan, Tigran 333-1220 178 Altgeld Hall hakobya2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Hannasch, David 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall hannasc2 (at) Fellow
Hao, Liling 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall lhao3 (at) Grad Student
Harris, Adrienne 300-2588 221B Altgeld Hall harris2 (at) Staff
Harris, Wendy 333-4186 219 Altgeld Hall wgharris (at) Staff
Hasler, Jordan 300-9452 B1A Coble Hall jhasler2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Heersink, Byron 300-2831 B2 Coble Hall heersin2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Helms, Lester 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall l-helms (at) Emeritus
Henson, C. Ward

w-henson (at) Emeritus
Hickok, Lisa 300-9452 B1A Coble Hall lhicko2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Hieronymi, Philipp 300-4994 332 Illini Hall phierony (at) Assistant Professor
Hildebrand, A. J. 244-7721 241A Illini Hall ajh (at) Emeritus
Hinkkanen, Aimo 244-7306 345 Illini Hall aimo (at) Professor
Hirani, Anil 333-2727 375 Altgeld Hall hirani (at) Associate Professor
Hockensmith, Daniel

hockens2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Hoffmeister, April 300-0351 324 Altgeld Hall amhoff (at) Lecturer
Holmes, Amber 265-0439 108 Altgeld Hall aflowers (at) Staff
Hong, Euijin 244-5185 169 Altgeld Hall hong89 (at) Teaching Assistant
Huan, Zhen 265-6336 155 Altgeld Hall huan2 (at) Research Assistant
Hundertmark, Dirk

dhundert (at) Adjunct Faculty
Hunte , Andrew
102 Oil Chem Bldg hunte1 (at) Teaching Assistant
Huo, Zhenghui
B1C Coble Hall huo3 (at) Teaching Assistant
Hur, Vera Mi Kyoung 244-0142 269 Altgeld Hall verahur (at) Assistant Professor
Hutchinson, Corinne 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall shutchi2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Ivanov, Sergei 244-6652 373 Altgeld Hall ivanov (at) Professor
Jacobson, Sheldon 244-7275 2232 CS shj (at) Professor of Computer Science (0% Professor of Mathematics)
Jana, Ranjan Kumar
233B Illini Hall rkjana (at) Visiting Scholar
Janes, Bradley

bjanes2 (at) Grad Student
Jang, Donghoon
101 Oil Chem Bldg jang12 (at) Teaching Assistant
Jang, Mi Young
B4 Coble Hall mjang10 (at) Teaching Assistant
Janusz, Gerald

gjanusz (at) Emeritus
Jiang, He 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall hejiang2 (at) Grad Student
Jiang, Yubing 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall yjiang83 (at) Grad Student
Jing, Xiaochen 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall xjing4 (at) Grad Student
Jo, Sihun

Visiting Scholar
Jockusch, Carl 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall jockusch (at) Emeritus
Johnson, Paul 244-5517 361 Altgeld Hall pjohnson (at) Assistant Professor
Jung, Derek 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall djjung2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Junge, Marius 333-3304 363 Altgeld Hall mjunge (at) Professor, Romano Professorial Scholar
Kamber, Franz 333-8937 329 Illini Hall f-kamber (at) Emeritus
Kantorovitz, Ruth

ruthy (at) Research Scholar
Kapovich, Ilya 265-0633 365 Altgeld Hall kapovich (at) Professor
Karr, William 300-9452 B1A Coble Hall wkarr2 (at) Fellow
Katz, Sheldon 265-6258 301 Altgeld Hall katzs (at) Professor
Kaufman, Robert 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall rpkaufma (at) Emeritus
Kavruk, Ali 300-0354 376 Altgeld Hall kavruk (at) J. L. Doob Postdoc
Kedem, Rinat 244-1350 342 Illini Hall rinat (at) Professor
Kerman, Ely 265-6710 326A Illini Hall ekerman (at) Associate Professor
Kim, Bo Won 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall bkim110 (at) Grad Student
Kim, Hee Yeon 244-1967 B4A Coble Hall hkim326 (at) Teaching Assistant
Kim, Heejoung 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall hkim404 (at) Teaching Assistant
Kim, Ki Yeun 244-5185 169 Altgeld Hall kkim97 (at) Teaching Assistant
Kim, Sun 300-0593 24 Illini Hall sunkim2 (at) Visiting Asst. Prof.
Kini, Sushma 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall sskini2 (at) Grad Student
Kirkpatrick, Kay 244-5439 334 Illini Hall kkirkpat (at) Assistant Professor
Kirr, Eduard-Wilhelm 265-5418 245 Illini Hall ekirr (at)
Associate Professor
Klajbor Goderich, Stefan 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall klajbor2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Klamsakul, Natawat 300-0053 B3 Coble Hall klamsak2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Korol, Ievgen 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall ikorol2 (at) Grad Student
Kosar, Nicholas 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall kosar2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Kostochka, Alexandr 265-8037 234A Illini Hall kostochk (at) Professor
Koutsaki, Kalliopi 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall koutsak2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Kutzarova-Ford, Denka 265-6756 337 Illini Hall denka (at) Research Associate Professor
Kydonakis, Georgios 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall kydonak2 (at) Teaching Assistant
LaNave, Gabriele
24 Illini Hall lanave (at) Visiting Faculty
Lanius, Melinda 333-1220 178 Altgeld Hall lanius2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Lansing, Jennifer 244-0442 317 Altgeld Hall jlweber (at) Academic Advisor
Laugesen, Richard 333-1329 259 Altgeld Hall laugesen (at) Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Leininger, Christopher 265-6763 366 Altgeld Hall clein (at) Associate Professor
Lerman, Eugene 244-9510 336 Illini Hall lerman (at) Professor
Li, Chen
265-5430 B1 Coble Hall chenli6 (at) Grad Student
Li, Junxian 265-5430 B1C Coble Hall jli135 (at) Teaching Assistant
Li, Lina 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall linali2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Li, Shixuan 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall sli205 (at) Teaching Assistant
Li, Xiao 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall xiaoli17 (at) Teaching Assistant
Li, Xiaochun 244-2642 235 Illini Hall xcli (at) Associate Professor
Li, Yang 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall yangli19 (at) Grad Student
Liang, Jian 300-5998 110 Altgeld Hall liang41 (at) Teaching Assistant
Lierl, Janna 244-9402 222 Illini Hall lierl (at) J.J. Uhl Postdoc
Linden, Christopher 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall clinden2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Liu, Hong 244-1742 224 Illini Hall hliu36 (at) Research Assistant
Liu, Kaiwen 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall kliu19 (at) Teaching Assistant
Liu, Shiya 300-5998 110 Altgeld Hall sliu63 (at) Teaching Assistant
Liu, Ying 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall yingliu4 (at) Grad Student
Livesay, Michael 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall mlivesa2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Lo, Jason
24 Illini Hall
Visiting Asst Prof
Loeb, Peter 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall ploeb (at) Emeritus
Loeb, Sarah 333-3547 150 Altgeld Hall sloeb2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Longfield, Stephen 300-5998 110 Altgeld Hall longfie2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Loving, Marissa 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall mloving2 (at) Fellow
Lu, Qu 244-1742 224 Illini Hall qulu2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Luesse, Paula 300-4456 273 Altgeld Hall pmluesse (at) Staff
Luo, Ruth 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall ruthluo2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Luu, Martin 244-9334 227B Illini Hall mluu (at) Assistant Professor
Lyu, Yuhua

Visiting Scholar
Mahoney, Thomas 333-3547 150 Altgeld Hall tmahone2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Malik, Amita 244-5185 169 Altgeld Hall amalik10 (at) Teaching Assistant
Malkiewich, Cary 244-9276 222A Illini Hall cmalkiew (at) Doob Postdoc
Manfroi, Aldo 333-0217 231 Illini Hall amanfroi (at) Lecturer
Manton, Jonathan 333-0805 129 Altgeld Hall jmanton (at) Systems Admin.
Marcut, Ioan

marcut (at) J. L. Doob Postdoc
Mastroeni, Matthew 333-1220 178 Altgeld Hall mastroe2 (at) Teaching Assistant
McCarthy, Randy
324 Illini Hall rmccrthy (at) Associate Chair for Instructional Technology/Director of NetMath
McConvey, Andrew 333-3547 150 Altgeld Hall mcconve2 (at) Teaching Assistant
McCulloh, Leon 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall mcculloh (at) Emeritus
McDonald, Daniel 244-5185 169 Altgeld Hall dmcdona4 (at) Teaching Assistant
McLinden, Lynn 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall mclinden (at) Emeritus
McNeilly, Jennifer 244-1659 326B Altgeld Hall jrmcneil (at) Director, Math Merit Workshop
Mei, Ling 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall lingmei2 (at) Grad Student
Mei, Yanyi 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall mei16 (at) Grad Student
Meng, Xianchang 333-3270 130 Altgeld Hall xmeng13 (at) Teaching Assistant
Menon, Dileep 300-0053 B3 Coble Hall ddmenon2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Merriman, Elizabeth 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall emerrim2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Michiels, Daan 244-1742 224 Illini Hall michiel2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Miles, Joseph 300-0661 10 Illini Hall j-miles3 (at) Emeritus
Miller, Alex 244-9523 165 Altgeld Hall arm (at) Doob Postdoc
Mineyev, Igor 333-8984 243A Illini Hall mineyev (at) Professor
Modami, Babak 244-6563 24 Illini Hall bmodami (at) Visiting Faculty
Molla, Theodore 300-7318 226 Illini Hall molla (at) J. L. Doob Postdoc
Monical, Cara 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall cmonica2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Mortensen, Karen 244-4128 265 Altgeld Hall kmortens (at)
Assoc Dir, Grad Studies
Mousley, Sarah 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall mousley2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Mueller, Stefan 244-6778 24 Illini Hall stefanm (at) Visiting Faculty
Mullen, Anthony 333-0805 129 Altgeld Hall mullen1 (at) Systems Admin.
Muncaster, Robert 300-1778 309 Altgeld Hall muncast (at) Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Murphy, Anuradha
333-6119 105 Altgeld Hall amrphy (at) Associate Director, NetMath Program
Murphy, Robert 244-2506 326A Altgeld Hall murphyrf (at) Instructor
Nance, Joe 300-0931 108 Altgeld Hall nance2 (at) Visiting Coordinator for NetMath High School Program
Nawaz, Tayyab 300-0053 B3 Coble Hall tnawaz2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Negron Santiago, Tara 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall negrons2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Nell, Travis 265-5568 B13 Coble Hall tnell2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Nelson, Peter 333-1220 178 Altgeld Hall pdnelso2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Nessipbayev, Yerlan 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall nessipb2 (at) Grad Student
Nevins, Thomas 265-6762 357 Altgeld Hall nevins (at) Associate Professor
Nikolaev, Igor 333-3082 343 Illini Hall inik (at) Professor
Obeidin, Malik 265-5430 B1C Coble Hall mobeidin (at) Teaching Assistant
Ochoa de Alaiza Gracia, Itziar
B4 Coble Hall ochoade2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Oikhberg, Timur 300-0352 330 Illini Hall oikhberg (at) Research Associate Professor
Osatakul, Dhiti 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall osataku2 (at) Grad Student
Osborn, Howard 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall h-osborn (at) Emeritus
Oyengo, Michael Obiero
102 Oil Chem Bldg mchlyng2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Palmore, Julian 333-0407 377 Altgeld Hall palmore (at) Professor
Pan, Zhekai 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall zpan9 (at) Grad Student
Panagiotopoulos, Aristotelis 300-0053 B3 Coble Hall panagio2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Pandey, Ashish 300-2415 155 Altgeld Hall akpande2 (at) Research Assistant
Pascaleff, James 244-7277 341B Illini Hall jpascale (at) Assistant Professor
Pechenik, Oliver 333-3547 150 Altgeld Hall pecheni2 (at) Teaching Fellow
Peck, Emily Mann

e-peck (at) Emeritus
Penciak, Matej 300-9452 B1A Coble Hall penciak2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Peng, Bo 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall bopeng4 (at) Grad Student
Peressini, Anthony 333-8937 329 Illini Hall peressin (at) Emeritus
Petrickova, Sarka
103 Oil Chem Bldg petrckv2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Phaovibul, M.Tip
101 Oil Chem Bldg phaovib1 (at) Teaching Assistant
Pho-On, Witsarut
B1C Coble Hall phoon2 (at) Research Assistant
Pillay, Anand

pillay (at) Emeritus
Poole, David 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall dpoole2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Porta, Horacio

hporta (at) Emeritus
Portnoy, Esther 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall eportnoy (at) Emeritus
Pratt, Kyle 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall kpratt4 (at) Fellow
Pruitt, Joseph 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall jtpruit2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Pynn-Coates, Nigel 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall pynncoa2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Qin, Wei 300-2831 B2 Coble Hall weiqin2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Qin, Zhen 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall zhenqin6 (at) Grad Student
Rao, Ranga

rao (at) Emeritus
Rapti, Zoi 333-6625 323 Illini Hall zrapti (at) Assistant Professor
Rasekh, Nima 300-9542 B1A Coble Hall rasekh2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Rawig, Siraprapa
103 Oil Chem Bldg rawig2 (at) Grad Student
Reddy, Alison 244-2361 339 Illini Hall ared (at) Director, Math Placement Program
Rehfuss, Nathan 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall rehfuss1 (at) Teaching Assistant
Reiniger, Benjamin 300-5998 110 Altgeld Hall reinige1 (at) Teaching Assistant
Rezk, Charles 265-6309 242 Illini Hall rezk (at) Professor
Reznick, Bruce 333-4284 327 Altgeld Hall reznick (at) Professor
Rezvani, Sepideh 300-2415 155 Altgeld Hall rezvani2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Rivera-Quinones, Vanessa 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall riveraq2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Robinson, Derek 333-8937 329 Illini Hall dsrobins (at) Emeritus
Romney, Matthew 300-2831 B2 Coble Hall romney2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Rosenblatt, Joseph

rosnbltt (at) Emeritus
Rothman, Neal

neal.rothman (at) Emeritus
Rotman, Joseph 333-1848 329 Illini Hall rotman (at) Emeritus
Rousseau, Jerome   371 Altgeld Hall
djep (at) Visiting Scholar
Roy, Arindam 333-3270 130 Altgeld Hall roy22 (at) Teaching Assistant
Ruan, Zhong-Jin 244-6305 353 Altgeld Hall z-ruan (at) Professor
Samart, Detchat
165 Altgeld Hall dsamart (at) Doob Postdoc
Sanchez, Anthony 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall asanchz6 (at) Fellow
Sanchez, Edward 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall ejsanch2 (at) Fellow
Sanchez, Mychael 265-5430 B2 Coble Hall smsanch2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Sanchez, Sebastian 300-2831 B2 Coble Hall smsanch2 (at) Fellow
Santana, Michael 265-6336 155 Altgeld Hall santana (at) Research Assistant
Sapir, Jeyna 244-9354 165 Altgeld Hall jsapir2 (at) Doob Postdoc
Schaposnik, Laura 244-6548 331 Illini Hall schapos (at) J. L. Doob Postdoc
Schenck, Hal 333-2229 327 Illini Hall schenck (at) Professor
Schlafly, Emily 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall eschlaf2 (at) Grad Student
Schoenrock, Zachary 244-6208 108 Altgeld Hall schoenro (at) Visiting Instructional and Advising Specialist, NetMath
Schupp, Paul 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall schupp (at) Emeritus
Schwarb, Shannon 300-7229 317 Altgeld Hall shanliz (at) Academic Advisor
Searles, Dominic 300-9452
B1A Coble Hall searles2 (at) Fellow
Sevcik, Bradley 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall sevcik2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Shahkarami, Sean
103 Oil Chem Bldg shahkar2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Shakan, George 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall shakan2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Shan, Jiang 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall sjiang27 (at) Grad Student
Shan, Jimmy
103 Oil Chem Bldg shan15 (at) Grad Student
Shao, Jingjing 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall jshao5 (at) Grad Student
Sharifzadeh, Maryam 244-1742 224 Illini Hall sharifz2 (at) Teaching Assistant
She, Zhaowei 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall she5 (at) Grad Student
Shen, Shiyu
103 Oil Chem Bldg sshen16 (at) Teaching Assistant
Sherbert, Donald

dsherber (at) Emeritus
Shi, Yun 300-2831 B2 Coble Hall yunshi2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Si, Lin

linsi (at) Visiting Scholar
Sisneros-Thiry, Simone 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall thiry2 (at) Fellow
Skabelund, Dane 300-5998 110 Altgeld Hall skabelu2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Skokan, Jozef

skokan (at) Adjunct Faculty
Soenjaya, Agus

soenjay2 (at) Fellow
Solecki, Slawomir 265-0976 306 Altgeld Hall ssolecki (at)
Song, Renming 244-6604 338 Illini Hall rsong (at)
Song, Shiyu

ssng (at) Visiting Scholar
Song, Yang 333-3547 150 Altgeld Hall song74 (at) Teaching Assistant
Sowers, Richard 333-6246 347 Illini Hall r-sowers (at) Professor
Spiegelhalter, Paul 244-5927 165 Altgeld Hall spiegel3 (at) Teaching Assistant
Spinoza, Hannah 244-5185 169 Altgeld Hall hkolb2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Stengele, Andrew
263 Altgeld Hall andrewstengele (at) Academic Hourly
Stolarsky, Kenneth 300-0661 10 Illini Hall stolarsk (at) Emeritus
Straub, Armin 300-0426 247A Illini Hall astraub (at) J. L. Doob Postdoc
Sullivan, John

jms (at) Adjunct Faculty
Sun, Hao 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall haosun3 (at) Teaching Assistant
Sung, Jonathan 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall jsung11 (at) Grad Student
Szuta, Patryk 265-4950 107 Altgeld Hall szuta (at) Visiting AP
Taha, Diaaeldin 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall dtaha2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Takeuti, Gaisi

takeuti (at) Emeritus
Tamazyan, Albert
101 Oil Chem Bldg tamazya2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Tang, Qi 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall qitang2 (at) Grad Student
Tang, Yunfang 244-5185 169 Altgeld Hall yftang (at) Visiting Scholar
Tao, Lizheng 244-0499 24 Illini Hall leedstao (at) Visiting Faculty
Tebbe, Amelia 333-3547 150 Altgeld Hall tebbe2 (at) Fellow
Teng , Sike 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall steng4 (at) Grad Student
Terry, Alonza 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall aterry (at) Teaching Assistant
Thiry, Simone 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall thiry2 (at) Teaching Fellow
Tian, Hongfei
B1C Coble Hall tian9 (at) Teaching Assistant
Tokcan, Neriman 333-3270 130 Altgeld Hall tokcan2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Tolman, Susan 244-6260 344A Illini Hall tolman (at) Professor
Tomic, Goran 265-5430 B1Coble Hall gtomic2 (at) Grad Student
Tondeur, Philippe

tondeur (at) Emeritus
Toprak, Ebru 300-5998 110 Altgeld Hall toprak2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Tran, Minh
103 Oil Chem Bldg mctran2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Tserunyan, Anush 300-7009 257 Altgeld Hall anush (at) J. L. Doob Postdoc
Tumanov, Alexander 244-4226 233A Illini Hall tumanov (at) Professor
Turmunkh, Bolor 333-1220 178 Altgeld Hall turmunk2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Tyson, Jeremy 244-4132 329 Altgeld Hall tyson (at) Professor
Tzirakis, Nikolaos 244-8233 227A Illini Hall tzirakis (at) Associate Professor
Udrea, Bogdan 300-0470 241 Illini Hall budrea (at) J. L. Doob Postdoc
Ullom, Stephen 333-8937 329 Illini Hall ullom (at) Emeritus
Uyanik, Caglar 333-3270 130 Altgeld Hall cuyanik2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Validashti , Javid
24 Illini Hall jvalidas (at) Visiting Faculty
van den Dries, Lou 244-7303 308 Altgeld Hall vddries (at) Professor
Vannatta, Jessica 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall javanna2 (at) Grad Student
Varodayan, David 300-6548 231 Illini Hall dpv (at) Research Assistant Professor
Vichitkunakorn, Panupong 265-6336 155 Altgeld Hall vichitk1 (at) Teaching Assistant
Villatoro, Joel 244-1742 224 Illini Hall villato2 (at) Research Assistant
Villeta-Garcia, Juan 300-2415 155 Altgeld Hall villeta2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Vondracek, Zoran 244-9404 24 Illini Hall zvondra (at) Visiting Asst Prof
Vonk, Elizabeth 300-7480 313 Altgeld Hall eirelan2 (at) Staff
Vonracek, Zoran 244-9404 24 Illini Hall zvondra (at) Instructor
Wagner, Adam 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall zawagne2 (at) Research Assistant
Walter, John 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall jhwalter (at) Emeritus
Wan, Qian 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall qianwan2 (at) Grad Student
Wang, Hai 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall hwang202 (at) Grad Student
Wang, Haiqian

hwang198 (at) Grad Student
Wang, Han
103 Oil Chem Bldg hanwang1 (at) Teaching Assistant
Wang, Hang 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall hwang181 (at) Grad Student
Wang, Lan 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall lanwang2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Wang, Nuoya
B4 Coble Hall nwang12 (at) Teaching Assistant
Wang, Sunyechu 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall swang220 (at) Teaching Assistant
Wang, Xia

Visiting Scholar
Wang, Xiao 265-5568 B13 Coble Hall xwang105 (at) Teaching Assistant
Watts, Jordan 300-0501 238 Illini Hall jawatts (at) J. J. Uhl Postdoc
Weichsel, Paul 333-8937 329 Illini Hall weichsel (at) Emeritus
Weigandt, Anna 244-1967 B4A Coble Hall weigndt2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Weinberg, Elliot 244-0117 350 Altgeld Hall ecw (at) Emeritus
Wen, Joshua 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall jjwen2 (at) Teaching Assistant
West, Argen 300-9452 B1A Coble Hall amwest3 (at) Teaching Assistant
West, Douglas 333-1863 226A Illini Hall dwest (at) Emeritus
Wetzel, John

j-wetzel (at) Emeritus
Whittlesey, Kim 333-9603 247 Illini Hall kwhittle (at) Lecturer
Williamson, Broderick 300-8566 273 Altgeld Hall brodsr (at) Staff
Wise, Jennifer 300-5998 110 Altgeld Hall jiwise2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Wolbert, Seth 333-1220 178 Altgeld Hall wolbert2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Wolfram, Stephen

wolfram (at) Adjunct Faculty
Wood, Susanne 333-7007 323 Altgeld Hall sgwood (at) Chimesmaster
Work, Grace 333-3547 150 Altgeld Hall work2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Wratten, James 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall wratten2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Wright, Benjamin 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall bwwrigh2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Wu, Jang-Mei 244-7297 236 Illini Hall jmwu (at) Professor
Wu, Jiangtao 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall jwu98 (at) Grad Student
Wu, Pei-Hsuan 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall pwu13 (at) Grad Student
Wu, Ximing 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall xwu55 (at) Grad Student
Wyser, Benjamin

bwyser (at) Doob Postdoc
Xiang, Meiruo 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall mxiang3 (at) Grad Student
Xie, Yi 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall yixie3 (at) Grad Student
Xu, Samantha 244-9349 24 Illini Hall samxu (at) Visiting Asst Prof
Xu, Yao 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall yaoxu2 (at) Grad Student
Xu, Yijie 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall yijiexu3 (at) Visiting Assoc. Prof.
Yager, Derrek 300-2415 155 Altgeld Hall yager2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Yeager, Elyse 333-1220 178 Altgeld Hall yeager2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Yeakel, Sarah 244-5185 169 Altgeld Hall yeakel2 (at) Teaching Assistant
Yi, Bingji 265-6336 155 Altgeld Hall byi4 (at) Teaching Assistant
Yong, Alexander 244-5120 335 Illini Hall ayong (at) Associate Professor
Yu, Yingjie 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall yyu16 (at) Grad Student
Zaharescu, Alexandru 265-5439 449 Altgeld Hall zaharesc (at) Professor
Zaring, Wilson

zaring (at) Emeritus
Zefron IV, Anthony 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall zefron1 (at) Grad Student
Zhang, Ningchuan 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall nzhang28 (at) Teaching Assistant
Zhang, Wen-Bin

cheungmanping (at) Adjunct Faculty
Zhang, Yi
24 Illini Hall zhang397 (at) Visiting Faculty
Zhao, Mingyu
101 Oil Chem Bldg mzhao16 (at) Teaching Assistant
Zhao, Suyun

Visiting Scholar
Zharnitsky, Vadim 244-5032 310 Altgeld Hall vzh (at) Professor
Zheng, Wei 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall zheng22 (at) Grad Student
Zhong, Ni 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall nizhong2 (at) Grad Student
Zhou, Sishen 265-5430 B1 Coble Hall szhou15 (at) Teaching Assistant