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Faculty Honors

International Congress of Mathematicians Lectures

Lou van den Dries, 1990
Zoltán Füredi*, 1994
Wolfgang Haken*, 1978
Sergei Ivanov, 1998
Peter Loeb*, 1983
Anand Pillay*, 1994


Bruce Berndt Allendorfer Award, MAA, 1979; Ford Award, MAA, 1989, 1994; Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition, AMS, 1996
John P. D'Angelo Bergman Prize, 1999
Rick Gorvett CAS Article Award, American Risk & Insurance Association, 2005; Dorweiler Prize, Casualty Actuarial Society, 2001; Michelbacher Award, Casualty Actuarial Society, 1999
Wolfgang Haken* Fulkerson Prize, AMS/MPS, 1979
Richard P. Jerrard* Pólya Award, MAA, 2006
Ilya Kapovich Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowship, 2006
Julian Palmore Military Operations Research Society Award for Excellence, 2000; American Rocket Society Award, 1960
Anand Pillay* Humboldt Foundation Research Prize, 2001
Derek J.S. Robinson* Sir Edmund Whittaker Prize, Edinburgh Mathematical Society, 1970; Senior Scientist Award, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, 1979
Slawomir Solecki Scientific Prize, Mathematical Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2010
Kenneth Stolarsky* Ford Award, MAA, 2006
Philippe Tondeur* Public Service Award, SIAM, 2002; SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession, 2008
John E. Wetzel* Ford Award, MAA, 2005; Pólya Award, MAA, 2006
Alexander Yong G. de B. Robinson Award, Canadian Mathematical Society, 2011

Membership in Academies

Lou van den Dries Corresponding member, Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences
Robert Fossum* Foreign member of the Sciences Section, 1994, Det Kongelig Norske Videnskabers Selskab (DKNVS) (The Royal Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters); Fellow, 2002, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Zoltán Füredi* Member, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2004
Aimo Hinkkanen Foreign member, Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, 2005
Julian Palmore Member, Centre for Defence and International Security Studies (CDISS), 2007; Fellow, World Innovation Foundation, 2002; Fellow, Explorers Club of New York, 1988
Philippe Tondeur* Fellow, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 2009; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2010

NSF and Presidential Awards

Scott Ahlgren, NSF CAREER Award, 2002
Jayadev Athreya, NSF CAREER Award, 2014
Jozsef Balogh, NSF CAREER Award, 2008
Vera Hur, NSF CAREER Award, 2014
Kay Kirkpatrick, NSF CAREER Award, 2013
Igor Mineyev, NSF CAREER Award, 2002

Invited Plenary Hour Address at a Meeting of a Professional Society

Bruce Berndt Canadian Mathematical Society, 1987; Indian Mathematical Society, 1988; Australian Mathematical Society, 2005
Jared Bronski SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures, 2012
Harold Diamond* AMS, 1981
Nathan Dunfield AMS Southeastern Sectional, 2009
E. Graham Evans Jr.* AMS, 1981
Kevin Ford AMS Central Section, 2011
Robert Fossum* AMS Central Section, 1980
Zoltán Füredi* Canadian Mathematical Society, 1998
Aimo Hinkkanen Fifth Australian Mathematics Convention, 1997
Ilya Kapovich AMS Eastern Sectional, 2008
Sheldon Katz AMS Central Sectional, 1998
Peter Loeb* AMS, 1987; Swedish Mathematical Society, 1988; Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship, 1989
Tom Nevins National Academy of Sciences-Cinvestav Lecturer, Mexico City, 2008
Howard Osborn* AMS Western Sectional, 1973
Anand Pillay* Canadian Mathematical Society, 2003
Bruce Reznick AMS Southeastern Sectional, 2010
Hal Schenck AMS Southeastern Sectional, 2012
Philippe Tondeur* AMS, 1976
Jeremy Tyson AMS Southeastern Section, 2011
Jang-Mei Wu AMS Central Sectional, 1990

Distinguished Lecturer Series

Bruce Berndt Mahler Lecturer, Australian Mathematical Society, 2005
Julian Palmore Sigma Xi National Lecturer, 1989-91
Anand Pillay* Britton Lectures, McMaster University, 1996; Southwest Center for Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, 2003; Tarski Lectures, Berkeley, 2009
Joseph Rotman* Annual Visiting Lecturer, South African Math Society, 1985
Philippe Tondeur* Argonne Lecture, Emory University, 1987

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowships

Jared Bronski, 2001
Nathan Dunfield, 2004
E. Graham Evans, Jr.*, 1973
Phillip Griffith*, 1971
A.J. Hildebrand*, 1988
Aimo Hinkkanen, 1991
Vera Mikyoung Hur, 2012
Sergei Ivanov, 1995
Robert Kaufman*, 1970
Randy McCarthy, 1996
Bruce Reznick, 1983
Susan Tolman, 1998

Other National Fellowships

Jozsef Balogh, Simons Foundation Fellow, 2013
Bruce Berndt, Guggenheim Fellowship, 1998
Jared Bronski, Simons Foundation Fellow, 2012
Nathan Dunfield, Simons Foundation Fellow, 2012
Robert Fossum*, Fulbright Fellow, Norway, 1967-68
Richard Laugesen, Maclaurin Fellow, New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 2003
Tom Nevins, All Souls Visiting Fellow, University of Oxford, 2012
Charles Rezk, AMS Centennial Fellowship, 1999-2000

AMS Fellows

Stephanie Alexander*, 2014
Bruce Berndt, 2013
Richard Bishop*, 2013
John D'Angelo, 2014
Harold Diamond*, 2013
Nathan Dunfield, 2013
Kevin Ford, 2013
Robert Fossum*, 2013
Heini Halberstam*, 2013
IIya Kapovich, 2013
Sheldon Katz, 2013
Peter Loeb*, 2013
Howard Osborn*, 2013
Anand Pillay*, 2013
Bruce Reznick, 2013
Paul Schupp*, 2013
Philippe Tondeur*, 2013
Jeremy Tyson, 2013
John Walter*, 2013

Distinguished Scholarly Appointments

Rick Gorvett, State Farm Companies Foundation Scholar in Actuarial Science, 2005-present
Anand Pillay*, Swanlund Chair, University of Illinois, 1996-2006; Marie Curie Chair, European Union, 2005-2008

External Professional Service Positions

Matthew Ando Council Member, AMS, 2011-2014
Robert Fossum* AAAS Nominating Committee 2009-2012; AMS Nominating Committee, 2001-2004; Secretary, AMS, 1989-99
Sheldon Katz Member-at-Large of the Section on Mathematics, AAAS, 2012-2016; AMS Nominating Committee, 2008-2011; Council Member, AMS, 2005-2008
Julian Palmore Vice President (Professional Affairs), Military Operations Research Society, 1999-2000; Board of Directors, Military Operations Research Society, 1996-2000
Joseph Rosenblatt Program Officer, Division of Mathematical Sciences, NSF, 2006-2008
Philippe Tondeur* Director, Division of Mathematical Sciences, NSF, 1999-2002; Member of Board of Governors, IMA, 2003-2005 and Chair 2005; Member of National Advisory Committee, SAMSI, 2003-2005
Douglas B. West* Vice Chair, SIAM Activity Group on Discrete Mathematics, 1997-2000.


Matthew Ando Editorial Board, Algebraic & Geometric Topology (2010-present); Editorial Board, Advances in Mathematics (2011-present)
Bruce Berndt Associate Editor, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 1986-present; Coordinating Editor, The Ramanujan Journal, 1996-present; Associate Editor, Advances in Applied Mathematics, 2001-present; Managing Editor, International Journal of Number Theory, 2004-present
Jared Bronski
Editor, Physica D
Harold Diamond* Editor, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
Rick Gorvett Managing Editor, Proceedings of the Casualty Actuarial Society, 2002-2006
Phillip Griffith* Managing Editor, Illinois Journal of Mathematics, 2007-present
A.J. Hildebrand* Managing Editor, Illinois Journal of Mathematics, 1998-2007; Associate Editor, Journal of Number Theory, 1990-2000; Associate Editor, The Ramanujan Journal, 1997-2001.
Aimo Hinkkanen Editorial Advisory Board, London Mathematical Society for the Bulletin, Journal and Proceedings of the LMS
Marius Junge Editor, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
Ilya Kapovich Editorial Adviser, LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics
Sheldon Katz Editorial Board, Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
Igor Mineyev Editorial Board, Journal of Topology and Analysis
Julian Palmore Editor, PHALANX, The Bulletin of Military Operations Research, 1995-2000; North American Editor, Defense & Security Analysis, 2005-present
Anand Pillay* Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic (Editor 1988-1996, Editorial Board 1996-present ), Archive for Mathematical Logic, Journals of London Math. Soc. (Editorial Advisory Board), Lecture Notes in Logic (Managing Editor, until January 2010), de Gruyter series in Logic and Applications
Derek J.S. Robinson* Founding Editor, Journal of Group Theory
Joseph Rosenblatt Editor and Founding Editor, New York Journal of Mathematics
Hal Schenck Editorial Board, Advances in Applied Mathematics
Managing Editor, Journal of Commutative Algebra
Editorial Board, International Journal of Algebra and Computation
Jeremy Tyson Editor, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
Douglas B. West* Associate Editor, American Mathematical Monthly, 1986-present; Editor-in-Chief, Discrete Mathematics, 2007-present

Center for Advanced Study (CAS), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Matthew Ando

Beckman Fellow, 2002-03

Jayadev Athreya Fellow, 2012-13
Jozsef Balogh

Fellow, 2009-10

Earl Berkson* Associate, 1990-91
Bruce Berndt CAS Professor; Associate, 1980-81; 1987-88; 1994-95; 2002-03
Steve Bradlow Beckman Fellow, 1994; Associate, 2002
Donald Burkholder* CAS Professor
John D'Angelo Associate, 2005-06
Lou van den Dries CAS Professor
Robert Fossum* Associate, 1985-86
Zoltán Füredi* Associate, 2000-01
Daniel Grayson* Beckman Associate, 1987-88
Phillip Griffith* Associate, 1981-82
Wolfgang Haken* CAS Professor
Sergei Ivanov Beckman Fellow, 1995-96
Marius Junge Associate, 2010-11
Ilya Kapovich Beckman Fellow, 2004-05; Associate 2012-13
Alexander Kostochka

Associate, 2009-10

Richard Laugesen Fellow, 1999-00
Christopher Leininger Fellow, 2007
Peter Loeb* Associate, 1971-72; 1991-92
Sergiy Merenkov

Beckman Fellow, 2009-10

Thomas Nevins Fellow, 2007
Julian Palmore Fellow, 1979
Bruce Reznick Beckman Fellow, 1984; Associate 2011-12
Derek J.S. Robinson* Associate, 1981-82; 1992
Zhong-Jin Ruan Fellow, 1990-91
Paul Schupp* Associate, 2007
Slawomir Solecki Associate, 2007
Philippe Tondeur* Associate, 1977-78; 1991-92
Douglas B. West* Associate, 1994; Beckman Fellow, 1985; Associate 2006-07
Jang-Mei Wu Beckman Fellow, 1981-82
Alexander Yong Beckman Fellow, 2011-12
Alexandru Zaharescu Associate, 2004-05; 2013-14

Scholars, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Scott Ahlgren, 2004-2005 Helen Corley Petit Scholar
John P. D'Angelo, 2005-2008 Kenneth D. Schmidt Professorial Scholar
Marius Junge, 2011-2014 Richard and Margaret Romano Professorial Scholar
Christopher Leininger, 2010-2011 Helen Corley Petit Scholar
Tom Nevins, 2009-2010 Helen Corley Petit Scholar
Susan Tolman, 2008-2011 Lynn M. Martin Professorial Scholar
Jeremy Tyson, 2008-2009 Helen Corley Petit Scholar
Alexander Yong, 2012-2013 Helen Corley Petit Scholar

University Scholar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Scott Ahlgren, 2013
John P. D'Angelo, 1986
Lou van den Dries, 1988
Daniel Grayson*, 1985
Wolfgang Haken*, 1985
A.J. Hildebrand*, 1990
Sergei Ivanov, 2000
Robert Kaufman*, 1987
Gaisi Takeuti*, 1986

Arnold O. Beckman Research Award, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Robert Bauer, 2004
Bruce Berndt, 2004; 2008
Aimo Hinkkanen, 1997, 2011-2012
Sergei Ivanov, 1996
Zhong-Jin Ruan, 1995-1997; 1999-2000
Derek J.S. Robinson*, 1994
Jeremy Tyson, 2008-2009

Distinguished Teaching Awards

U of I Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching - Faculty

A.J. Hildebrand*, 2011
Bruce Reznick, 2009
Scott Ahlgren (Honorable Mention), 2006
John D'Angelo (Honorable Mention), 2005
Richard Laugesen, 2003
Douglas B. West*, 2002
Joseph B. Miles*, 2000
Donald R. Sherbert*, 1996
Stephanie Alexander*, 1993
Tony Peressini*, 1983

U of I Campus Award for Innovation in Undergraduate Instruction

Horacio Porta*, 1996
George Francis, 1994

U of I Campus Award for Excellence in Advising Undergraduate Students

E. Graham Evans, Jr.*, 2001

King Broadrick-Allen Award, University of Illinois Campus Honors Program

E. Graham Evans, Jr.*, 2002

Leonard J. and Sharon Crowley Santow Award for Teaching Excellence, U of I

Rick Gorvett, 1996

LAS Dean's Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

2014 Nathan Dunfield
2011 A.J. Hildebrand*
2010 Alexandru Zaharescu
2009 Bruce Reznick
2008 Rick Gorvett
2007 Matthew Ando
2006 Scott Ahlgren
2005 John P. D'Angelo
2003 Richard S. Laugesen
1997 Bruce Reznick
1994 Philippe Tondeur*
1993 Stephanie Alexander*
1991 Joseph B. Miles*
1990 Dan Grayson*
1989 Ray Langebartel*
1986 Pat Martin
1985 Don Sherbert*

Alpha Lambda Delta, Outstanding Teacher of Freshmen Award

Stephanie Alexander*, 1986
Joseph Miles*, 1991

Outstanding Young College Educator, University of Illinois

Bruce Berndt, 1972

Other Recognition

Bruce Berndt, Distinguished Alumni Award, Albion College, 1997
Robert Fossum*, Distinguished Alumni Award, Northfield High School, 2000

Department Recognition

*denotes Professor Emeritus status