The photo below was taken at the Princeton University Bicentennial Conference, "Problems in Mathematics," in 1946. To find out who's who, see the legend and key.

(from the left)
First Row
1. Morse, M., Institute for Advanced Study
2. Ancochea, G., University of Salamanaca, Spain
3. Borsuk, K., University of Warsaw, Poland
4. Cramér, H., University of Stockholm, Sweden
5. Hlavaty, V., University of Prague, Czechoslovakia
6. Whitehead, J. H. C., University of Oxford, England
7. Garding, L. J., Princeton
8. Riesz, M., University of Lund, Sweden
9. Lefschetz, S., Princeton
10. Veblen, O., Institute for Advanced Study
11. Hopf, H., Federal Technical School, Switzerland
12. Newman, M. H. A., University of Manchester, England
13. Hodge, W. V. D., Cambridge, England
14. Dirac, P. A. M., Cambridge University, England
15. Hua, L. K., Tsing Hua University, China

Second Row
16. Tukey, J. W., Princeton
17. Harrold, O. G., Princeton
18. Mayer, W., Institute for Advanced Study
19. Mautner, F. I., Institute for Advanced Study
20. Gödel, K., Institute for Advanced Study
21. Levinson, N., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
22. Cohen, I. S., University of Pennsylvania
23. Seidenberg, A., University of California
24. Kline, J. R., University of Pennsylvania
25. Eilenberg, S., Indiana University
26. Fox, R. H., Princeton
27. Wiener, N., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
28. Rademacher, H., University of Pennsylvania
29. Salem, R., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
30. Tarski, A., University of California
31. Bargmann, V., Princeton
32. Jacobson, N., The Johns Hopkins University
33. Kac, M., Cornell University
34. Stone, M. H., University of Chicago
35. Von Neumann, J., Institute for Advanced Study
36. Hedlund, G. A., University of Virginia
37. Zariski, O., University of Illinois
38. Whyburn, G. T., University of Virginia
39. McShane, E. J., University of Virginia

Third Row
40. Quine, W. V., Harvard
41. Wilder, R. L., University of Michigan
42. Kaplansky, I., Institute for Advanced Study
43. Bochner, S. Princeton
44. Leibler, R. A., Institute for Advanced Study
45. Hildebrandt, T. H., University of Michigan
46. Evans, G. C., University of California
47. Widder, D. V., Harvard
48. Hotelling, H., University of North Carolina
49. Peck, L. G., Institute for Advanced Study
50. Synge, J. L., Carnegie Institute of Technology
51. Rosser, J. B., Cornell
52. Murnaghan, F. D., The Johns Hopkins University
53. Mac Lane, S., Harvard
54. Cairns, S. S., Syracuse University
55. Brauer, R., University of Toronto, Canada
56. Schoenberg, I. J., University of Pennsylvania
57. Shiffman, M., New York University

Fourth Row
58. Milgram, A. N., Institute for Advanced Study
59. Walker, R. J., Cornell
60. Hurewicz, W., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
61. McKinsey, J. C. C., Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical
62. Church, A., Princeton
63. Robertson, H. D., Princeton
64. Bullitt, W. M., Bullitt and Middleton, Louisville, KY
65. Hille, E., Yale University
66. Albert, A. A., University of Chicago
67. Rado, T., The Ohio State University
68. Whitney, H., Harvard
69. Ahlfors, L. V., Harvard
70. Thomas, T. Y., Indiana University
71. Crosby, D. R., Princeton
72. Weyl, H., Institute for Advanced Study
73. Walsh, J. L., Harvard
74. Dunford, N., Yale
75. Spencer, D. C., Stanford University

Fifth Row
76. Montgomery, D., Yale
77. Birkhoff, G., Harvard
78. Kleene, S. C., University of Wisconsin
79. Smith, P. A., Columbia University
80. Youngs, J. W. T., Indiana University
81. Steenrod, N. E., University of Michigan
82. Wilks, S. S., Princeton
83. Boas, R. P., Mathematical Reviews, Brown University
84. Doob, J. L., University of Illinois
85. Feller, W., Cornell University
86. Zygmund, A., University of Pennsylvania
87. Artin, E., Princeton
88. Bohnenblust, H. F., California Institute of Technology
89. Allendoerfer, C. B., Haverford College
90. Robinson, R. M., Princeton
91. Bellman, R., Princeton
92. Begle, E. G., Yale
93. Tucker, A. W., Princeton

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