TeX is a technical typesetting and document preparation system. It has become the de facto standard in mathematics and in related fields. Virtually all theses written in this department in recent years have been prepared in TeX.

The TeX installation on the UIUC Math Department's Unix Systems (MUSes) is TeXLive, the standard TeX system for Unix/Linux systems.

Introduction to TeX/LaTeX (pdf file)

A short overview of TeX and LaTeX, based on a presentation given in Fall 2007 to new graduate students at the UIUC Mathematics Department.

TeX Tips and Resources

A home grown collection of tips and links to other resources.

UIUC Thesis style files (from UIUC Physics Department)

LaTeX style files for theses that conform to the requirements of the UIUC Graduate College. The files have been copied over to the departmental Unix network, so no additional installation is needed if you use one of the computers on the departmental Unix network.

To install the files on a personal computer, click on the latest version (2009) in the "Download templates" section of the above page, unzip the file, and follow the instructions on the above page for installation.

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