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Illinois Geometry Lab

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Illinois Geometry Lab
Video produced by University of Illinois Department of Mathematics
Interview with Illinois Geometry Lab
Video produced by IGL Member Yuhao Zhu

The Illinois Geometry Lab (IGL) is a facility at the Mathematics Department focusing on mathematical visualization and community engagement.

At the lab, undergraduate students work closely with graduate students and postdocs on visualization projects set forth by faculty members, as well as to bring mathematics to the community through school visits and other activities.

The IGL follows in the footsteps of the Geometry Center which pioneered computer visualization in the 90's. We are associated with the Experimental Geometry Lab at the University of Maryland College Park, and with the Experimental Algebra and Geometry Lab at the University of Texas Pan American.

In the Media

The IGL conducted an activity on constructing and exploring platonic solids and other surfaces at the Champaign-Urbana Scholars Foundation "Freshman Focus" event on June 4, 2013.

The IGL was featured in a Spring 2013 Postmarks article "X students + 1 subject + 1 room = creative and fun teamwork".

The IGL, EGL, and EAGL were featured in the Scientific American article "Deep Spaces: Geometry Labs Bring Beautiful Math to the Masses" in July 2012.

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