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IGL Applications go live approximately the 12th or 13th week of every semester. Check back here for the application link at that time, as applications will remain open until one week before the beginning of the following semester.

Decisions about project teams will be made just prior to the start of the semester.

Lab Structure

A standard lab project is suggested by a department faculty member for purposes of research and mathematical visualization. An IGL team consists of a faculty mentor, graduate student, and 3 undergraduate students. While specific goals depend on the project, the underlying goal of all IGL projects is to contribute to mathematical research while also making it more accessible to the general public.

The full team is expected to meet every 2-3 weeks. The undergraduate and graduate members are expected to meet more often, with the undergraduate members contributing 5-10 hours/week to the project.

In addition to research activity, IGL members are encouraged to participate in public engagement activities.

For Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students work in small teams (2-3) people under mentorship of a graduate student and faculty member on a project involving visualization or computation in an active field of mathematics. In addition to research experience, students learn to present their mathematical work to both department members (through regular meetings) and the general public (through public engagement activities).

Students will be required to register for course credit and commit 5-10 hours/week to their project.

The minimum requirement for participation in the IGL is completion of Math 241 Calculus 3 with a grade of B or better.

For Graduate Students

A graduate member of the IGL typically works in a group consisting of one faculty mentor and 2-3 undergraduate students. The graduate member is responsible for supervising progress on the project and proving both mathematical and technical support to the undergraduate student members.

Graduate students are additionally encouraged to take part in public engagement activities.

For the Faculty

Once a project is accepted, the IGL will seek to assemble a team consisting of 1 graduate student and 2-3 undergraduate students. The faculty mentor is then responsible for regular meetings with the team (at least monthly) as they work on the proposed project.

Mail Lists

Please join one of our mail lists: igl-friends or igl-prospectives. Note that the igl-prospectives list is reset after applications are received each semester.

Contact Us

Have questions about the IGL? Email the IGL manager at