Millennial Conference on Number Theory

May 21 - 26, 2000

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Conference Wrap-Up

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Conference statistics

A total of 276 participants have registered for and attended the conference. An additional 11 number theorists registered for the conference, but could not attend in person. The participants represented 30 countries, ranging from the U.S. and Canada to European countries and to far-away places such as Fiji, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Australia.

The conference featured 157 talks, of which 19 were one-hour plenary talks, 73 half-hour invited talks given in 4 parallel sessions, and 65 contributed talks given in 5 parallel sessions. In addition to these scientific talks, the conference included three 40 minute talks of historical and reminiscing flavor, and several after dinner speeches honoring Professor Emeritus Paul Bateman on his 80th birthday.

Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings will be published by A K Peters in a projected set of two volumes totaling approximately 1000 pages. In addition to these traditional style proceedings, A K Peters will publish an economically priced paperback volume containing selected survey lectures given at the conference. The Proceedings are scheduled to appear in mid 2001.

General guidelines: All speakers are invited to submit a paper for these proceedings. Papers should normally be based on (or at least closely connected with) the talk given at the conference. In addition to original research papers, we welcome well-written survey papers. Because of restrictions on the size of the volumes, shorter papers are preferred, and we may not be able to consider excessively long papers. (Plenary speakers do not fall under this restriction.)

Refereeing: Research papers will be refereed using the standards of journals such as the Journal of Number Theory, Acta Arithmetica, the Journal de Theorie des Nombres de Bordeaux, and The Ramanujan Journal. We will make every effort to ensure timely refereeing, and we thank in advance the referees (many of whom will be selected from among the conference participants) for their work.

Technical preparation of papers: If possible, papers should be prepared in LaTeX, with a font size of 10 points, and textheight and textwidth set to 42pc and 27pc, respectively. To achieve these dimensions, proceed as follows:

Submission procedure: Papers can be submitted either electronically or as a hard copy. For hard copy submission, send two copies of the paper to the member of the Organizing Committee (B.C. Berndt, N. Boston, H.G. Diamond, A.J. Hildebrand, and W. Philipp, all at the Univ. of Illinois, Dept. of Mathematics, Urbana, IL 61801) most appropriate for the paper. For electronic submission, send your tex file(s) to, along with a brief email cover letter. Papers received electronically will be processed and passed on to an appropriate editor. Please do not send submit both an electronic file and a hard copy. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is September 30, 2000.


The organizers gratefully acknowledge the following organizations for providing financial support to the conference: We are particularly grateful to the University of Illinois Mathematics Department for providing financial, logistical, and staff support for the conference, and for offering its facilities in Altgeld Hall for use the conference.

The conference would not have been possible without the help provided by our own graduate students and by mathematics staff members. We are especially grateful to Betsy Gillies, conference coordinator of the mathematics department, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the conference would run smoothly.

Contact addresses

The Organizing Committee for the Conference consists of B.C. Berndt, N. Boston, H. Diamond, A.J. Hildebrand, from the University of Illinois Mathematics Department, and W. Philipp of the Statistics Department of the University of Illinois. For general questions or comments regarding the conference, please use the following contact addresses:

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Mailing address:

Millennial Conference
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University of Illinois
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