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This two day workshop is part of the Special Year in Number Theory 1999/2000, and a satellite conference to the Millennial Conference on Number Theory , which is held during the week following the workshop. Its purpose is to bring together researchers from the probability and number theory communities interested in problems that lie at the interface of these two areas. The themes of the workshop include:



All talks will be given in Room 245 Altgeld Hall. Altgeld Hall is located about 4 blocks east of the Quality Hotel where most participants are staying. To reach Altgeld Hall from the Quality Hotel, walk 4 blocks east on John Street until you come to the end of this street when it meets Wright Street. Altgeld Hall is the historic building with a small bell tower at the other side of Wright Street. Signs with directions to the lecture room will be posted. The Levis Faculty Center, where the Reception on Saturday evening will be held, can be reached by walking the equivalent of about 3 blocks east from Altgeld Hall, crossing Matthews and Goodwin Avenues. Maps will be provided with the registration packet. For additional information, maps, and directions, visit the Conference Venue section of the Millennial Conference homepage.


Registration for this workshop will be Friday morning, 8:30 am - 10:00 am, in the lobby of the main floor of Altgeld Hall. Participants will receive a folder with a conference program, list of abstracts, maps, and a name tag. Registration for the workshop is free. If you are planning to stay over for the Millennial Conference on Number Theory (May 21 - 26, 2000), you can register for that conference Saturday, 3 pm - 5 pm or on Sunday morning.


All talks will be given in Room 245 of Altgeld Hall. Although the room has a large blackboard, we recommend that speakers use transparencies. The room is equipped with two overhead projectors. Transparencies and pens will be available at the registration desk for those who have not prepared their transparencies in advance.


A reception for participants at the Millennial Conference on Number Theory, which begins Sunday, May 21, will be given on Saturday, May 20, from 8 - 10 pm, in the Levis Faculty Center, located a few blocks east of Altgeld Hall. All workshop participants are invited to attend this reception. For maps and directions to the Levis Faculty Center, see the Conference Venue section of the Millennial Conference homepage.


Most participants will be staying at the Quality Hotel. The hotel has a free shuttle service to and from the Champaign airport. When you arrive at the airport, call the hotel at 384-2100 or tollfree at 800-322-8282 to request the shuttle. (Note that the Quality Hotel does not have a courtesy phone; you need to use one of the pay phones located near the baggage area.) The trip from the airport to the Quality Hotel takes about 15 minutes.


Participants of the workshop will have the same lodging options as the the participants of the Millennial Conference following the workshop: a hotel and a student dormitory, both located within a few minutes walk from the conference site. Room reservations must be made directly with the hotel or the University housing service, and not with the conference organizers. The rooms have been blocked for the period May 18 - May 29, which covers both the Millennial Conference on Number Theory and its two satellite conferences. When making hotel or dormitory room reservations, please identify yourself as a participant of the "Number Theory Conference", rather than this workshop. This will ensure that you receive the special conference rate; it does not obligate you to stay for Millennial Conference.

If you have difficulties making reservations yourself, let us know and we will try to make the reservations for you.

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