MATH 347 D1H: Fundamental Mathematics (Honors Section)
Fall 2012
Professor A.J. Hildebrand

Final Exam Results and Course Grades

Final exam scores and course grades are now available. The median score was 147/175, or 84 percent.

You can access your scores as usual usual under this link. The grade shown at the end of the online score display (including plusses and minuses) is your course grade; it is based strictly on the total number of accumulated points. Cutoffs between letter grades were chosen to minimize hardships and close calls. As a result, nobody was within a few points from the next higher (or next lower) grade; in fact, the smallest gap between letter grade ranges (A+, A, A-, B+, etc.) was 17 points.

If you want to see your final exam and the solutions, stop by my office, 241 Illini Hall, Monday afternoon, or send me an email ( to set up a time. Otherwise, focus on your other finals, then relax, enjoy the holidsays, and come back refreshed and primed for another hard (?) Math class in the spring!

Course Policies, Exams, Grades

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Below are pdf files of handouts, worksheets, and homework assignments distributed in class. For additional practice (e.g., to get ready for an exam) you may want to print off a fresh copy of the appropriate worksheets and redo the problems on your own.

Solutions to worksheet problems will be posted here within about a week of handing out the worksheet.

Solutions to homework assignments will be distributed in class at the time the assignment is returned, but will not be posted here in order to comply with departmental policies. If you are missing a solution set, you can pick up an extra copy at my office.

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