Math 595 --Banach spaces
Time:  MWF 11-11.50pm
Altgeld Hall  441

Marius Junge     
Course email   Office hours: TBA
Grading:  50% HW, 50% Presentation (we will have more time)

Course discription :

Part I: Introduction
      1) Introduction
      2) Hahn-Banach
      3) Finite dimensional spaces and Ellipsoids
      4) p-summing maps and trace duality 1
      5) John's theoreom

Part II: Tensor norms 
      1) Definition
      2) Largest and smalles tensor norm
      3) injective and surjective tensor norms
      4) p-summing maps and p-nuclear maps
      5) Examples of trace duality
      6) Abstract factorization theorem

Part III: Type and Cotype
       1) Khintchine-Kahane
       2) Type and Cotype
       3) Kwapien's theorem
       4) TBA

Part IV: Operator spaces 

       1) Basic definition 
       2) tensor norms
       3) min and max spaces

Part V: Information theort and Quantum Information theory
      1) Basic definitions 
        2) Capacity and Entropy 
        3) Connection to p-summing maps

 HW1, HW2, HW3, HW4, HW5, HW6, HW7, HW8, HW9, HW10, HW11, HW12

I will use selected topics from different resources
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