Rebecca Tramel
J.L. Doob Research Assistant Professor
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

I am a postdoc at UIUC. I am interested in algebraic geometry and derived categories. In particular, I am interested in connections between algebraic geometry and Bridgeland stability conditions. Previously I was a postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh, working with Arend Bayer.
Contact Information
Illini Hall 241


The genus of projective curves on complete intersection surfaces.
Diagonal splittings of toric varieties and unimodularity, with Jed Chou, Milena Hering, Sam Payne, Ben Whitney. (in preparation)
Bridgeland stability on surface with curves of negative self-intersection


I-70 Algebraic Geometry Symposium, Columbia, MO, Nov 2016.
Superschool on Derived Categories and D-branes, Edmonton, CA, Jul 2016.
AMS Spring Sectionals, Fargo, ND, Apr 2016.
Summer Research Institute on Algebraic Geometry, Salt Lake City, UT, Jun 2015.
Graduate Student Bootcamp
, Salt Lake City, UT, Jun 2015.
Geometry from Stability Conditions, Coventry, UK, Feb 2015.
British Algebraic Geometry, Coventry, UK, Sep 2014.
Introductory School on Algebraic Geometry, Coventry, UK, Sep 2014.
Summer School on Derived Categories, Nantes, FR, Jun 2014.
Categorically Cardiff, Cardiff, UK, Oct 2013.
MIT-RTG Mirror Symmetry Workshop, Big Bear Lake, CA, May 2013.
Characteristic p Methods in Algebraic Geometry, London, UK, Apr 2013.
Graduate Student Workshop on Moduli Spaces and Bridgeland Stability, Chicago, IL, Mar 2013.
Homological Projective Duality and Non-commutative Geometry, Coventry, UK, Oct 2012.
AGTP School on Algebraic Geometry and Theoretical Physics, Coventry, UK, Jun 2012.
Georgia Algebraic Geometry Symposium, Athens, GA, May 2012.
VIGRE Algebraic Geometry Summer School, Athens, GA, May 2012.
AGNES, Amherst, MA, Mar 2012.
AGNES, Stony Brook, NY, Oct 2011.


This semester I am teaching Math 418: Abstract Algebra II.

In Fall 2015 I taught Math 347: Fundamental Mathematics on MWF 9am and MWF 10am. For a copy of the course syllabus, click here. In Spring 2016 I taught Math 418: Abstract Algebra II. In Fall 2016 I taught Math 417: Abstract Algebra I.

In 2012 I was involved with the University of Connecticut mathematics REU. I mentored two undergraduates on a project entitled "Frobenius splittings of projective toric varieties", supervised by Milena Hering.